Recycling Mystery: Windows

One of the common misconceptions in curbside recycling is that …

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Windows details to help keep buildings comfortable

Windows provide light, air and views. They also affect heating and cooling loads through several heat transfer mechanisms. When choosing windows to reduce cooling loads, the goal is to control…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

‘Greenest Office Building in the World’ to Open in Seattle

The six-story, 50,000-square-foot building in downtown Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is designed to be energy- and carbon-neutral.

Special Delivery: New Modular Homes Go Anywhere

Written by Matt Hickman, Mother Nature Network There’s a new modern green prefab company on the scene gearing up to produce sleek, factory-built homes that no doubt possess a couple of deceiving, shipping container-ish traits including, most…

Suspended Window Planters Waste No Space

Written by Matt Hickman, Mother Nature Network Another week, another inventive design concept geared towards greenthumbed urbanites without a backyard — and in this case, a balcony — to spare. And this one, in my opinion, is a doozy. The creation…..

LifeEdited: Looking At Windows

One of the hardest decisions in the design of buildings is the choice of windows. There are so many variables and choices, and so much misinformation. For the LifeEdited project, where the windows are going into an existing building, both looking out…