Finding Energy in Our Groceries

Finding Energy in Our Groceries When you think of businesses that can make an impact environmentally you probably don’t think of a grocery store. Oil and gas companies, big box retailers, even paper mills and lumber yards probably pop into…

Company Touts 24-Hour Composting Technology

A Singapore firm claims to operate the fastest known composting process in the organic waste treatment industry.

Taiwanese Firm Building E-Waste Factory Made Out of Trash

The structure will feature walls made from glass fiber recovered from motherboards, and ceilings made with the plastic left over from CDs and DVDs.

Nation’s Largest Collegiate Clothing Drive Set for Earth Week

Colleges and universities from every state will compete in the One Shirt Challenge.

EcoScraps Organic Potting Soil Now Available at Target

The organic, chemical-free potting soil made from composted fruit and vegetable scraps will be sold at more than 1,700 stores.

Site Pegs How Long Food Really Lasts

According to EatByDate, the expiration date you’ll find on many food items is not related to food safety.

Study: Recyclers Actually Consume More

Researchers conducted two experiments to find out how much paper people used if they had the option to recycle their waste.

Herman Miller Develops New Returnable Package Solution

The furniture company’s plan could represent a combined material and labor savings of $46,000 a year, the company says.

The North Face Launches Clothing Recycling Program

The world’s largest outdoor clothing company will collect clothing at 10 of its stores.

Simple Steps to Recycle Your Own Paper

Eliminate some household waste – like junk mail, used printer paper or old wrapping paper – and create something unique and handmade at the same time.