Tesla Solar Roof Testimonial Cost and Installation

One of the first known Tesla Solar Roof residential customers has shed some light on the process for installing the unique energy producing glass roof tiles, and its costs… Read More


Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

7 steps to make your home more sustainable toward a green building

At present, there are around seven billion people on the planet. And each one of us draws on the Earth’s natural resources. Unsurprisingly, this takes a huge toll on Mother Earth. This makes it…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

The Safety of Your Drinking Water

A recent report suggests that millions of Americans have good reason to worry about drinking water pollution. America’s drinking water infrastructure is aging and in serious need of modernization….

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Solar Energy has become cheaper than coal

There’s no question wind and solar energy are now competitive with fossil fuels around the world on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, but they still face the challenge that they’re intermittent…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Solar micro-grids are not helping Puerto Rico

In addition to its many other devastating human consequences, Hurricane Maria left the island of Puerto Rico with its power grid in ruins. Power was knocked out throughout the island, with an…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Utah Citizens are Signing up for Solar Power in droves.

More than 4,000 Utahns signed up to install solar panels in the 10 days before Tuesday’s deadline, becoming the last residents who will get credit under Rocky Mountain Power’s current — and more…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

How to Colonize Mars Succesfully, A Primer

Humanity will colonize Mars. It is inevitable. We cannot wait for everything to be perfect on Earth before we go to Mars (or the Moon). Colonizing Mars will unify Humanity in a way in which nothing…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

The power plant of the future is in your home

The price of solar power has fallen dramatically in the past four decades. This wonderful development has empowered individuals to install solar panels in their homes and produce their own energy….

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

St. Louis to Get all of Its power from Clean Sources

St. Louis became the 47th American city to set a goal of getting all of its electricity from clean, noncarbon sources with a vote by local lawmakers Friday — a significant watershed given its…

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Dr. Michel Gelobter on Nukes, Republicans, Tech, and the Future of Energy (Podcast)

After seven years in government, seven years in non-profits, and seven years in business, Michel Gelobter jokes that he’s headed for the clergy next. And why not? He’s led Redefining Progress, been a professor at Rutgers, and run environmental quality…