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Earthship buildings are fire resistant, not a total loss.

The Question of how a structural earth-rammed tire wall would do in a fire has long been an issue for which we could only offer an intelligent opinion. People think that because tire piles in tire…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Permit granted for the EcoGuinea Earthship Library

Primary School Hadjia Aicha Bah at Yimbaya Commune Matoto We are raising funds to teach Guinean people sustainable solutions through building a super sustainable library for primary school children….

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Disaster Management Lessons learned from 2017

As governments, businesses, insurers and others tally the economic losses from this year’s natural catastrophes, some are already planning ahead for what’s next. About one-third of…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Circle Studio Earthship Tiny Home

Simple Circular Earthship Tiny Home. Can be the first part of a larger building. Drawing set consists of four sheets. Super Sustainable Beyond LEED.… Read More


Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Nurses: Trump Administration is letting American citizens die in Puerto Rico

An elderly woman in Puerto Rico is helpless as her husband’s body becomes a patchwork of ulcers and sores from Parkinson’s disease. Another woman risks respiratory disease from a…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Climate & Culture are critical to understanding how to Heat & Cool Buildings.

We must begin by taking note of the countries and climates in which homes are to be built if our designs for them are to be correct. One type of house seems appropriate for Egypt, another for Spain……

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.