Study: Couples More Likely to Recycle Than Single People

The study was conducted by Understanding Society, a group that studies household behaviors.

Aviator Plans Intercontinental Trip Using Plastics for Fuel

Australian pilot Jeremy Rowsell’s upcoming On Wings of Waste flight will take him 12,000 miles from Australia to England using fuel made from old plastics.

Pavegen Tiles Turn Footsteps Into Electricity

A UK paver company is turning pedestrian traffic into electricity by harvesting the energy from footsteps. Pavegen tiles capture the kinetic energy created by footstep for immediate or future use. The pavers are currently being used at the West Ham…..

Eggshells Reborn as Plastics

Written by Russell McLendon, Mother Nature Network Easter is about rebirth and renewal, yet that spirit doesn’t extend to all parts of the holiday. Countless Easter eggs, for example, are produced, used and then discarded every year, whether…

Carbon-Free Chocolate Shipment Sets Sail

It takes quite a bit of effort for chocolate to travel around the world and into to your mouth. It also takes quite a bit of fuel. Though the cacao tree is indigenous in the Americas, the chocolate industry has since become an international effort,…

Apple Expands Recycling Program to Europe

In August, Earth911 reported that Apple was buying unwanted iPhones, iPads and computers from customers in exchange for gift cards. After a successful trial in the states, the tech giant is now expanding its buy-back recycling program to the U.K.,…

Wales Sets 50 Percent Recycling Target for 2012

Wales is aiming to solidify its position as the country with the highest recycling rates in the U.K. by calling for residents and businesses to recycle 50 percent of their waste in 2012. Environment Minister John Griffiths applauded residents for…

SEE: Flooring Made From Vintage Leather Belts

Looking to add a touch of vintage to your home? Skip the pricey antique shops and opt for some fab flooring that your friends will have to see to believe. TING London, a U.K.-based upcycling manufacturer that also makes eclectic handbags and…

NYC Walk Signs Made Into Lights

If you’ve been missing the classic “Walk, Don’t Walk” signs of old-school New York City, you’re in luck. You can now own one of the iconic signs and use it to light your home. UK-based lamp manufacturer Felix Lighting…

World’s Longest Bridge Made of Recycled Plastic

Here at Earth911, we’ve seen boats, schools and greenhouses constructed out of plastic bottles, but now plastic bottles are being recycled into a different kind of structure in the U.S. and Europe – bridges. Over in Peeblesshire, Scotland, British….