TreeHugger Radio

TreeHugger Radio: A Final Episode and Nine of Our Favorite Moments With Amazing People

In this final installment we step back through time into some of our favorite conversations.

TreeHugger Radio #205: America’s War on Innocent Critters, Pollution’s Cooling Effect, and the EPA’s Cross to Bear

Jacob and Brian look at SolarCity going public, pollution that cools the country, clever sewage sensors, and plenty more.

TreeHugger Radio #204: A BP Engineer is Arrested, Obama Acts Serious on Energy, and Discovery Skates Over the Science

Brian and Jacob talk about floating wind turbines, a kindler, gentler Burger King, and what the Discovery Channel left out of Frozen Planet.

TreeHugger Radio #203: Penguins on the Rebound, Ford’s New Electric, and the Future of Food in a World That’s Cooking

Jacob and Brian look at the top green news from the pages of TreeHugger.

TreeHugger Radio #202: The Warmest Winter Ever, Arsenic in Your Chicken, Dying Dolphins, and Vermont Versus Monsanto

Jacob and Brian look at chicken pre-marinated with Prozak, the blackest solar cell ever, and Poland and Vermont’s fight against Monsanto.

TreeHugger Radio #201: A Greener iCloud, Obama on Gas, Talking Plants, and Doomsday Dating

This week, Jacob and Brian talk about a greener Apple Inc., crazy-ass weather, Obama’s oil and gas issues, and a dating site for the doomsday crowd.

TreeHugger Radio #200: The Pipeline That Won’t Die, Helium Shortages, Franken-Legos, and More

Jacob and Brian dig into the pipeline that won’t die, helium shortages, franken-Legos, laser recycling, and more.

Gus Speth Envisions America the Possible (Podcast)

James Gustave Speth, founder of the World Resources Institute, discusses his new book and the political reform America so dearly needs.

Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Podcast)

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, discusses objectivity, climate deniers, and bringing solar technology to developing nations.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs on Poverty, Politics, Pipelines, and Protests (Podcast)

Author and economist Jeff Sachs discusses politics, Occupy, Keystone XL, the need for nuclear, and lots more.