Toronto Police tells pedestrians: "Road safety – It starts with you."

Telling people to “cross the street as if your life depends on it” is just going to scare people out of walking. But hey, it worked for bikes!

Florida study finds that drivers flout the law more than cyclists

But cyclists all run stop signs and red lights! Don’t they?

We were promised flying cars

And in Santa Ana, California, we got one. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Canada, we learn that if you drive a BMW you are treated differently.

Another reason to avoid free two-day shipping: they are shipping dog food by air

The carbon footprint of air freight is ten times that of truck freight; perhaps it’s time for “slow shopping.”

Why bikes and e-bikes will eat cars

Cities should prepare for, and encourage, an electric bike revolution and stop worrying about autonomous vehicles.

The Ray: 18-mile stretch of road is a testbed for a "regenerative highway ecosystem"

What will the highways of the near future look like? This road project aims to create “a corridor that reconnects and restores us.”

What is the point of bicycle-to-car communication systems?

It is not about making the world safer for cyclists, it is about making the world safer for autonomous cars.

Nissan Leaf 2.0: What’s it like to drive?

Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith takes the new Leaf for a spin in Yokohama.

3-wheeled electric roadster offers 200+ miles of open-air driving per charge

The Vanderhall Edison2 electric auto-cycle promises to deliver loads of zero-emission driving fun, all wrapped up in a striking package.

No distractions here: Byton electric car is an SIV, or "Smart Intuitive Vehicle"

Launched at CES, this car has everything to keep you entertained because “young people like IT toys.”