The XYT is a modular, customizable electric car comprised of just 580 parts

It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s designed to be customized to fit the needs of the owner, and modified or upgraded over its life.

Juggernaut aims to deliver first 3-wheeled front cargo bike fully designed & built in the US

Denver, Colorado’s Juggernaut has developed a cargo bike built for “hauling freight and pushing weight” as an “economic & environmental alternative” to driving a car.

Trump admin removes White House Capital Bikeshare station

It’s not a big deal but it could become a big symbol.

Cars don’t kill people; people kill people.

This was all academic, a discussion of why cars get “agency”, until this past weekend when everything changed.

3-wheeled electric ‘tuk tuks’ offer a clean, silent shuttle & delivery option

e-Tuk USA makes versatile road-legal electric vehicles that can be used for anything from food trucks to local transportation fleets, even indoors.

German state to electrify 10km of highway for overhead charging of trucks

This could be the start of significantly more efficient trucking.

Elbike is a simple stealthy singlespeed electric bike

This customizable e-bike is available in 200 colors, gets up to 50 miles per charge, & weighs in at 33 pounds, yet costs just over $1000.

By 2030, all Los Angeles buses will be zero emission

I can almost smell the clean air already…

Is the Prius Prime about to go all electric?

Kyle Field over at Cleantechnica thinks he sees some hints of full electrification on the horizon…

Why all cars should be hi-viz, drivers should wear helmets and car radios should be banned

“If it only saves one life…”