Fifield’s electric fat tire bike is available with mid- or rear-drive

Normally, rogue waves are something to avoid, but this one might be something you’ll want to experience.

Tesla to double superchargers in 2017, 6,000 more destination chargers too

This should go a long way to calming fears with the release of the Model 3.

Cyclist tells people NOT to ride the Trans Canada Trail

With much of the trail following the shoulders of busy highways, Edmund Aunger says the trail is dangerous and should not be promoted as a tourist attraction.

Retro revolution: Vintage Electric Bikes combine old-school style & cutting edge technology

These head-turning e-bikes feature vintage style coupled with high performance components.

It’s like Uber for flying electric taxis: Lilium is a 5-seater electric VTOL airplane

This electric “jet” can take off and land vertically, has a 300 km range, and could be summoned by an app for on-demand low-carbon travel.

"Science says" 14 year olds shouldn’t cross the street alone

But hey, it’s OK to drive at 16.

Drivers look at their phones on 88 percent of trips

Perhaps it’s time to fix the phones.

Tour d’East River: Riding 25 miles of continuous bike lanes

Streetfilms follows a journey that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Riese & Muller’s new electric cargo bike offers covered hauling for kids, groceries, and more

Transporting one person with minimal gear on a bike is simple, and just about any bicycle can handle it, but if you want to carry kids, a load of groceries, the family dog, or other stuff along with you, a cargo e-bike is the answer.

British study finds commuting by bike can cut heart disease and cancer

Getting on a bike has huge health benefits for everyone