Toyota to Expand Production of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

While Nissan and Tesla have put their money on electric …

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Are Fuel Additives Really Green?

As gas prices trend upward, you may be wondering about …

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Now BP gas stations are getting fast charging spots too

It’s almost as if oil giants are worried about what the future might hold…

Scottish developer: all new homes will be electric vehicle ready

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they added a bike shed too?

Revolve reinvents the wheel

Andrea Mocellin’s design folds up to take up 60 percent less space.

If airports become the cities of tomorrow we are in big trouble

The impact of flying on climate change cannot be ignored, as I book my next flight.

How will self-driving cars affect our cities? Two views

Phil Levin thinks it will change real estate completely; Christian Wolmar thinks it is ludicrous tech nerd fantasy.

All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

When the heck did electric commercial flight become a realistic prospect?!

Should the 840 HP Dodge Demon be banned?

The respected Automotive News suggested this and all heck broke loose.

Finnish Safety Agency recommends helmets and lights for old people using walkers

It is about time that people acknowledged that it’s not just cyclists that hit their heads. Helmets for everybody!