Does Kicking Hybrid Drivers Out of Carpool Lanes Make Traffic Worse for Everyone?

Photo via Bill Selak flickr

Up until recently, California has been allowing single occupants to drive in the carpool lanes as long as they are driving gasoline-electric hybrids. But as of July 1st 2011, solo hybrid drivers were no longer entitled to …

GM’s Super-Smart Pod Vehicle Looks at Future Transportation

An end to gridlock. An end to accidents. An end to driving. In fact you can conduct a video conference in traffic, and this podcar parks itself. As GM readies to roll out its electric mini-car, the Chevy Spark, as reported in Treehugger last week, it…

UK Man Mounts Traffic War Using Pedestrian Crosswalk Button (And Wins. Sort Of.)

Photo s__i via flickr and Creative Commons.

You would think the residents of Chideock, a small town in Dorset in the UK, would have been happy. After many, many years of heavy traffic making it difficult to simply cross the road, they received a pede…

LA Uses Scare Tactics to Reduce Traffic, Discovers "Carmaheaven"

Photo: janoskpalko under a Creative Commons license.

Los Angeles has finally found a way to cut down traffic: terror. The announcement that ten miles of Interstate 405 would be shut down for 53 hours was accompanied by a public three month long aware…

Building More Roads Leads to More Traffic

Image: Michael Gil via flickr

Here at TreeHugger, we talk quite a bit about the causes and problems with roads and traffic, and we’ve seen how effective congestion pricing…Read the full story on TreeHugger

Is Living In A City Making You Crazy?

Taxis in New York City photo by Bonnie Hulkower

With more than 50% of the world’s population currently living in cities and 70% of the world population expected to live in a city by 2050, neurologists are starting to map out the impact of living in c…

Extreme Road Rage in Moscow Sparks Backlash

Traffic in Moscow. Photo: Adam Baker / Creative Commons.

Plenty of cities around the world are known for their congested roads and insane traffic jams — Beijing, New Delhi