Smartphone users "go gray" to curb addiction

When a smartphone screen is switched to black-and-white, it loses much of its appeal — which can be a good thing.

The latest from Elon Musk: Your very own Boring Company flamethrower

Elon Musk promises and Elon Musk delivers, eventually.

China built the biggest air purifier in the world

The 100-meter high purification tower in Xian is said to cover an area of 10 square kilometers.

Electric barges are coming back to European canals

But these are certainly not “the first emission free barges on Europe’s waterways”; the idea is 125 years old.

Fungi could help concrete heal its own cracks

Researchers are looking to fungi to help provide a fix for crumbling infrastructure, with promising results.

Nissan gets into home solar & energy storage market with all-in-one solution

UK homeowners who want to go solar will soon have another alternative, thanks to Nissan’s latest offering.

Drones help scientists monitor endangered sea turtles

The drones revealed that the numbers for olive ridleys were higher than thought.

New algae fuel cell packs a punch

Researchers have developed a bio fuel cell that is ultra efficient and cheap to make.

Coming soon: the Robomart, a self driving vegetable bin

Silicon Valley keeps thinking up fresh new ways to clog our roads, kill jobs and destroy main streets

These electric car charging stations help drivers fuel up on sunshine

Brightfield’s Solar Driven charging stations generate clean electricity, feed the grid, and charge electric vehicles.