Stretchable fabric powers gadgets with sweat

The fabric could be used in clothing to power wearable electronics.

These solar canopies supply shade & electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater

A pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed what they claim is “the most advanced integrated plug and play system” for shade, water, and energy.

Solar windows switch between tinted and transparent

The technology makes for better energy generation and a better window.

Just what we needed dept: Fight DDD with the DipClip

The DDD era (Dangerous Dip Distraction) is over. Now you can dip and drive.

Credit card-sized unit claims to be world’s smallest solar charger

Sunslice is a small folding solar charger that can fit into a pocket, while still producing enough electricity to compete with much larger offerings.

This solar hydropanel can pull 10 liters of drinking water per day out of the air

SOURCE is a solar-powered and self-contained device capable of harvesting up to 10 liters of clean drinking water per day from the air.

Solar powered supercapacitor produces hydrogen fuel and electricity

The technology could lead to cheaper hydrogen cars in the future.

The problem with bioplastics

They’re not as green as they seem.

Tesla kills the duck in Australia 45 days ahead of schedule

His giant bet on a giant battery pays off.

DARPA turning plants into stealth environmental sensors

Using the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, the agency is working to develop spies in the natural world.