Concept Behind E.V.E.

RATIONALE: Throughout the last fifty years, Earthship Biotecture has been working toward developing a fully sustainable prototype home that has a zero carbon footprint on the planet. We arrived at…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at Home Preventing environmental damage sounds like a near-impossible mission, one that would take the whole world banding together to accomplish. But you don’t have to…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Rio2016™ Goes For Gold In Sustainability

The Rio2016™ Olympics are officially upon us. The medal race is on. No matter the location, putting this mega-event on is an exercise in logistics and resources.  As such, many question the general sustainability of the Olympics. You don’t think….

How Patagonia Is Recycling Bottles Into Jackets

Did you know that Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, with a recycling rate of only 23%? From an environmental standpoint, it brings up numerous concerns. Kicking our bottled water habit can conserve resources, but what are we……

Sustainability On An Island

Most beachfront tourist destinations aren’t necessarily known for sustainability or being environmentally friendly. If they are, it’s usually because the location is protected wilderness. However, on the Gulf shores of Florida, there is a tiny…

Sustainability Curriculum That Truly Excels

I came fairly late to the sustainability game. Growing up, my family always recycled and composted, but that was the extent of it. It wasn’t until I moved to a small town in British Columbia and then later began writing on the subject, that I began…..

TBT: The Corner Cottage

The Corner Cottage was built in 2007 and was the first Earthship to feature a second greenhouse along the entire front face.  The floor plan of the Corner Cottage was similar to a two bedroom…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

TBT: The Hut Earthship

The Hut Earthship was built in 1999 and incorporated techniques developed while doing a disaster relief demo in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.  The floor plan of the Hut consisted of two round tire…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Earthship Academy 2016 update

We’ve added a few new classes to the curriculum this year including Earthship Operations which walks the students through all the major steps of building a Global Model Earthship.  Introduction to…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Gingerbread Earthship By Eric Ficinus

Wondering what type of Gingerbread to make this Christmas? Check out Eric’s Earthship he built as part of his Independent study on the road to graduation from the Earthship Academy: For more…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.