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This Christmas Sweatshirt Is Guaranteed to Last 30 Years

As fun and festive as the holidays are, there’s no …

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3 Great Ways to Help Your Prom Dress Go Green

How many times do you usually wear a prom dress? It’s a ridiculous question, right? Ridiculous because prom dresses, much like wedding dresses, are typically purchased with the understanding that they’ll be worn just once. Once! One…

Earth Day Home Makeover: 5 Eco-Chic Design Ideas

As a former interior designer, I can confirm that beauty and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Here are five eco-chic design ideas to cultivate a healthier home. I hope this Earth Day serves as a catalyst for positive change — both in your…..

How to Recycle Makeup

Makeup is making the planet ugly. So what do you do if you want to be eco-friendly and also beautiful? I wanted to find out how to buy makeup that wasn’t bad for the environment and what I was supposed to do with it after I was done, so I…

This Christmas Sweater Is Guaranteed to Last 30 Years

As fun and festive as the holidays are, there’s no denying that this is a wasteful season — this time of year, trash accumulates faster, greenhouse gas emissions rise, and we spend a whole lot of time buying stuff that won’t even last…

4 Brands Doing Clothes Recycling Right

Our love of looking good is quickly creating a very ugly problem. You see, the clothes we wear day in and day out are responsible for an absolutely staggering amount of pollution every year. Virtually every step of the fashion industry and clothing…

Goodwill Makes Waves in High-End Consignment

Blue boutiques feature the best Goodwill has to offer, such as top names like Lucky Brands, Coach and Cole Haan.

Swap Positive Facilitates the Free Exchange of Clothes

The Swap Positive blog catalogs neighborhood clothing swaps in the Northwest that don’t involve money changing hands.

5-Minute Tutorial: How to Make Skinny Jeans

Just because they don’t fit in all the right places isn’t a reason to throw out an old pair of jeans or give up a great thrift-store bargain.

Lighten Your Footprint with Shoes Made from Recycled Cork

ReCORK and footwear manufacturer SOLE have partnered to create the world’s first line of carbon-negative shoes made from recycled corks.