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Proof of Global Domination By a Few Corporations

Image: The network of global corporate control, Vitali, et. al.

A Few Companies Have Power Over Most of the Real Economy
The idea that the few dominate the many will not come as news to those gathered either to occupy wall street or to occupy everywh…

Wacky-Named "Pirate" Party Gains Power in Germany, Calls for Free Public Transportation

Image: Pirate Party/Susanne Graf

As the rest of the world was celebrating talk like a pirate day, the Pirate Party won its first seats in the Berlin state elections.

In Germany, any party winning more than 5% of the votes is entitled to a share in …

Abandoned House Becomes ‘Before I Die’ Wall of Dreams (Photos)

Photos via and Civic Center.

This wall asks a question. What’s important to you? What do you want to do before you die? What’s on your bucket list? In New Orleans, an abandoned house has been converted into a community art project, har…

Permaculturalists Get Social: Worldwide Permaculture Network Launches

Image: Worldwide Permaculture Network

Interactive Networking Site Gets Off the Ground
Permaculturalists of the world, take note: if you’ve ever wished there was an easier way to connect, share ideas or find other permaculture projects all over the wor…