Grizzly bear trophy hunting will be banned in British Columbia this fall

No longer will hunters be able to buy the right to kill this majestic apex predator.

Photo: Pika has a taste for flowers

Our delightful photo of the day comes from Alberta, Canada.

Rare white moose steps out of a fantasy, into a Swedish creek

While unicorns remain frustratingly elusive, the magical white moose makes an appearance in Sweden.

Photo: Bewitching bluethroat sings in Alaska

Our photo of the day comes from Glacier Creek Road in Nome, Alaska.

Meet the world’s only completely freshwater seal

Russia’s superlative Lake Baikal is home to the world’s only freshwater-exclusive seal.

Photo: Mama mallard has her ducks in a row

Our ducky photo of the day comes from Calgary, Canada.

Creating Equilibrium: What if environmentalists and the tech-crowd actually talked to each other?

An event on Lake Tahoe promises “world class minds, radical innovation and kickass rock ‘n roll”. And solutions to the biodiversity crisis, too.

Photo: Sunrise turns Grand Tetons electric

Our stunning photo of the day does Wyoming proud.

Photo: Beautiful black oystercatcher keeps an eye on the chicks

Our photo of the day comes from Morro Bay, California.

Pesticide Fipronil in egg scandal shocks Europeans

Our food chain can so easily be disrupted, as this example of eggs contaminated with a pesticide not approved to be anywhere near a chicken proves