Elfin mountain toad discovered in misty, mossy elfin forest

The newly discovered horned mountain toad found in Southern Vietnam’s elfin forest is the smallest of its species – and is already considered endangered.

Pilot’s cockpit photos show sky’s drama like you’ve never seen it

When off-duty in the cockpit, Ecuador Airlines pilot Santiago Borja takes photos that would make Zeus proud.

Photo: The simple pleasures of wild horses

Our photo of the day comes from West of Sundre, Alberta Canada

75% of eastern tree species moving west

White oaks, sugar maples, American hollies and other common US trees have been shifting their population centers west since 1980.

Photographer waited in a river nightly for 4 years to get this singular shot of a beaver

Donning snorkeling gear and weights, Louis-Marie Preau would lie motionless on the riverbed for 2 to 3 hours a night waiting for the perfect photo.

Photo: Happy phoebe visits the shore

A pretty spring day at Pismo Beach brings out the song.

Injured plants warn neighbors of danger

Another study adds to the growing body of research on how plants can communicate with each other.

Henderson Island is the most remote, most polluted place on Earth

Discover the once-gorgeous South Pacific island where all your plastic trash ends up.

What’s that tree? This app puts an arborist in your pocket

Know your trees! The Arbor Day Foundation’s tree ID guide offers a mobile version of their award winning field guide.

Could global warming make us fatter?

One thing is for sure: you might think twice about deliberate consumption of carbon dioxide in bubbly beverages