UK government accused of hypocrisy as it fights EU recycling targets

This is after promising “wide-ranging measures to tackle plastic pollution.”

A field guide to full moons

From supermoons and blood moons to black moons and blue moons, here’s a cheat sheet to the full moon in all of her luminous guises.

Photo: Reindeer and calves summering in Norway

Our photo of the day comes from Glitterheim.

8 ways the black widow spider is woefully misunderstood

Like, the ladies generally don’t eat their mates … even though the males do kind of seem like jerks.

Finally, the world is talking about plastic pollution

For years, this issue has been under the radar, but now it’s the hottest environmental topic out there.

Photo: Forest with a twist

Our photo of the day proves that pretty sunsets aren’t just for beaches.

Trump’s death wish for sharks leads to deluge of donations for shark charities

After the revelation that the “terrified” president reportedly hopes “all the sharks die,” donations started pouring in for shark conservation non-profits.

Rheticus project teams German giants to harvest CO2 in artificial photosynthesis

Evonik and Siemens announce two-year project to demonstrate feasibility of “technical photosynthesis” using eco-electricity to convert carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals

Photo: Tricky caterpillar disguises self as feather

Our photo of the day is a lesson in fooling your enemies.

Greenland shark may be the longest living vertebrate at 512 years old (Video)

A team of scientists have developed a novel way to determine the age of these long-lived marine animals.