Magical new eclipse stamp reveals a secret moon when you touch it

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, the new USPS Forever stamp uses thermochromic ink to offer two stamps in one.

132-year-old lobster liberated after 20 years in a tank

Poor sweet Louie the Lobster was returned to the sea after two decades in captivity at a Long Island clam bar.

New solar technology promises safe drinking water in a compact off-grid footprint

When the oft-predicted water wars start, we’re going to want this technology on our side. Let’s hope it survives the budget wars.

Photo: Clearwing hummingbird moth goes incognito

Behold the most majestic of masked moths!

The summer solstice is coming! Here’s what to know

The 2017 solstice falls on June 20 or June 21 depending on where you are … celebrate with a crash course in curiosities about the longest day of the year.

Photo: Nudibranch and mini-me revel in their candy-colored world

Reader photo of the day, starring psychedelic sea slugs!

Photo: Butterflies gather for breakfast

Our photo of the day comes from colorful rain forest of Ecuador.

Photo: Western tanager is a splash of sunshine

Our photo of the day is a happy surprise.

Epic photos taken while swimming in a superpod of whales

Underwater photographer Tony Wu found himself amidst a rare and enormous gathering of sperm whales; his photos are out of this world.

These 100 popsicles are made with trash- and sewage-filled water

The Polluted Water Popsicles project is meant to shock viewers into realizing how serious water contamination is in Taiwan.