Marine biologist wants to make plastic straws extinct on the Great Barrier Reef

Nicole Nash’s campaign urges tour operators and coastal resorts to ban straws completely in an effort to reduce plastic pollution.

Photo: Sunset ignites the ice on Lake Ontario

Our photo of the day is a story of fire and ice.

13 of Europe’s most fascinating trees

The winning trees from 13 countries are now vying for the big prize: European Tree of the Year 2018.

Photo: Great gray owl blends in with the wintry wilds

Our photo of the day features a majestic giant who practically disappears in the trees.

Chile creates 10 million acres of protected parkland

Rainforests, grasslands, and other wild terrains are now safe, thanks to the creation of five new national parks.

Why Amazon Go should be a no-go: We will drown in a sea of plastic

Even the fruits and vegetables are wrapped in plastic so that the sensors can read them, inculcating a culture of convenience and waste.

Photo: Secrets of the squirrel tail revealed

Our photo of the day is the picture of contentment … and a lesson in anatomy.

Mumbai is home to the world’s largest beach cleanup

For the past 119 Sundays, volunteers have toiled in the sludge to remove 12,000 tonnes of plastic from Versova Beach — and they’re still going strong.

Barred owl rescued from busy highway is doing well

The injured owl, saved by a Maryland Natural Resources Police officer, is being nursed back to health and is set to be released this spring.

Photo: Sunrise inspires lavender fog over Mono Lake

Our photo of the day comes from a misty morning in California.