Photo: Sponge and sea tulip make nice

Our photo of the day comes from Middle Head, Sydney Harbour.

California’s wildflowers are freaking out, can be seen from space

After years of devastating drought, the Golden State’s bodacious blooms are having a raucous celebration.

Female dragonflies ditch suitors by faking sudden death

Dragonflies, they’re just like us!

Photo: California sunset is a pastel dream

Our photo of the day is brought to you by the colors pink and lilac.

All-ages coloring book communicates the science behind climate change (Video)

Using officially documented research and color-it-yourself data visualizations, this project aims to convey climate change data in an engaging way.

Meet the visionary who restored 5,500 acres of wrecked Texas land to paradise

Fifty years ago, the wildly inspiring David Bamberger bought the worst land he could find with the aim of bringing it back to thriving life.

Photo: The beauty of a millipede

Our many-legged photo of the day comes from the wilds of Ecuador.

Baby humpback whales talk in whispers to avoid being noticed by predators

While recording whales, scientists discovered that calves “speak” in soft murmuring squeaks in order to avoid attention from hungry killer whales.

Photo: The Yosemite sky spangled with stars

Our photo of the day is brought to you by the dark night sky.

The mystery of Blood Falls finally solved

The source of Antarctica’s eerie blood red falls has baffled scientists for more than a century; now new secrets have been revealed.