Tired iguana lost at sea gets ride to shore from kind kayaker (video)

Four miles from the shore of Key West, the fatigued iguana eagerly scrambled aboard the kayak and hitched a ride home.

Photo: Waterfall shows off its serene side

Our photo of the day comes from Chiapas, Mexico.

Restoring nature is climate equivalent of stopping burning oil

1/3 of emissions reductions needed for 2 degree target could be achieved with better land management.

36 baby giant pandas make their roly-poly public debut

Break out the cigars! A record 42 pandas have been born this year at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

Photo: Tiny frog lives in a vanishing world

Our photo of the day comes one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

The world’s 11 certified Dark Sky Reserves, where the stars run riot

Idaho is working hard to create an official dark sky reserve, which would make it the first in the US and the 12th in the world.

Photo: Young cedar waxwing boasts an unusual blush

Our photo of the day is a lesson in eating an abundance of berries.

Whales and dolphins have complex relationships and call each other by name

A major new study links the complexity of cetacean culture and behavior to brain size, revealing amazing things about the mammals along the way.

10 of the world’s most inspiring trees

From ancient beauties and ghostly boughs to a tree that harbors a secret dancefloor, meet some of the superstars from the new book, “Wise Trees.”

Sentinel-5P puts eyes in the sky to monitor progress in reducing atmospheric pollution

The successful launch of Sentinel-5P means scientists will soon have access to the most accurate monitoring yet of pollution and climate change related gases in earth’s atmosphere