“Scientists” says there will be an eclipse. Why should we believe them?

They are just in in for the money, right?

Orangutan mama makes a rain hat of leaves for baby and herself

On International Orangutan Day, we celebrate one of humankind’s closest relatives.

5 gorgeous places on public land to watch the eclipse

The Trust for Public Land has protected more than 80 places along the path of totality; consider one of these for your viewing pleasure.

Photo: Long-eared owl looks caught in the act

Our surprised photo of the day comes from Calgary, Canada.

13 stellar things to know about the sun

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Photo: Strawberry cod is ready for her close-up

With lips that all of Hollywood would envy, Trachypoma macracanthus is about as charming as a fish can be.

Photo: The caterpillar who thought it was a leaf

In which a caterpillar shows yet another fabulous display of mimicry.

First wolf cubs born wild in Bavaria in over 150 years

When you watch the video do you see a triumph of nature or the beady eyes of a predator?

Trees are aware of their neighbors and give them room

In ‘crown shyness,’ some tree species respect those nearby and keep their leaves to themselves.

Fewer foxes could mean an uptick in Lyme disease

New research suggests that a rise in tick-borne diseases could be linked to a shortage of mouse predators like foxes and martens.