Peter Gabriel Creates Amazing DJ Booth With His Old CDs and Cassettes

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Now that we live in the digital age, the question has often been asked: “What in the love of music do we do with all our old formats?” Yes, all those cassettes, CDs, VHSs and their horribly non-recyclable

Designer Creates Plastic from Fish Scales

All photos courtesy of Erik de Laurens

Designer Erik de Laurens has come up with a novel raw material for making plastic — fish scales. By dying the scales and treating them under heat and pressure, he can make them act much like a plastic. …Read …

Just What We Needed Dept.: The Happy Hot Dog Man

Weiners are getting altogether too much exposure these days, but we can’t pass up this opportunity to complain about another of what the Unclutterer dubbed Unitaskers- tools or devices that do only one thing and clog up your drawers and cupboards. An…

Pro Surfer Kyle Thiermann, Jack Johnson, and Others on ‘Toxic Tumbleweeds’ and More Single-Use Plastics

Photo: Surfing for Change

Plastic has most certainly been demonized over the past decade and with good reason. But even still, we spend roughly $100 billion every year on bottled water. And that’s just plastic water bottles. Single-use plastics have …

Susan Freinkel on Our Toxic Plastic Love Affair (Podcast)

It clogs our oceans and tampers with our bodies, yet without it, all modern life would skid to a stop. Susan Freinkel’s new book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, explores the rise of plastic into ubiquity, hails it for its life-saving wonders, and explor…

An Aesthetic Case Against Disposables: 8 Timeless Objects Vs. Their Tacky Single-Use Alternatives (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

After experiencing the impact of our consumer society on our environment first-hand during my recent sailing trip with the 5 Gyres project, visiting miles of ocean trash, the question hit me: Why can’t we get away from our ridiculou…

Plastic, A Toxic Love Story (Book Review)

Like most TreeHugger readers I had an ah ha moment a while ago regarding plastics, the ubiquity of them in our lives, the huge problems of disposing or recycling them, the absurdity of using a material that takes anywhere from thousands to billions of …

"Worn Out" Shows How Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold

Worn Out from Ryan Kothe on Vimeo.

New Zealand Film maker Ryan Kothe isn’t quoting Yeats, but his poem could be the sound track for this video showing the deterioration of objects over time. No explanation of how it is done, but worth watching. Found on

Tutuma, The Man That Has Been Picking Plastic From Beaches For 7 Years At Easter Island

Francis Picco picking trash. Photo: Paula Alvarado.

Francis Picco arrived in Easter Island, Chile, from France for a vacation 15 years ago and never left. The reason was a local woman who became his wife and a new found peace he couldn’t trade for an…

Women Are More Likely To Choose Eco-Packaging, Study Finds

Photo credit: zoovroo/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Beth Buczynski, a writer for Care2 Causes.

A recent Thomson Reuters World IP Today report found women are 14 percent more likely than men to select environmentally-friendly packag…