The Week in Pictures: Cherry Tree Sculptures, Catapulting LED Stars, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

We’ve featured a lot of treehouses on TreeHugger, but the plans for this one are a little different: Ten cherry trees will be planted in a circle, and pruned and bent over time to form a unique, two story sculpture.

We’ve also got…

The Week in Animal News: Javan Rhino Officially Extinct, Hawk With Nail Through its Head, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

This week, we received the sobering news that the Javan Rhino is officially extinct: The last of its species was killed by poachers for its horn.

We also have news on a hawk with a nail shot through its head, humpback whales making…

A Legacy of Pollution at the Northport Power Station

Photo credit: Mona Miri

The Northport Power Station—a natural gas and oil electrical power station located on Long Island New York—has been a significant landmark on the New York landscape. It is the largest oil-fired power plant on the E…

Photographer Ellen Jantzen Reinterprets the Cliche American Road Trip (Slideshow)

Image credit: Ellen Jantzen

The road trip—during which people pile into a car and set out across the continent on a journey of discovery and transformation—is an American right of passage. When photographer Ellen Jantzen was planning her …

The Week in Pictures: New Zealand Oil Spill, How Steve Jobs Changed the World, and More (Slideshow)

Since the Rena, a Liberian ship, ran aground on a reef off the coast of New Zealand 10 days ago, an environmental catastrophe has been brewing. Oil is spilling into the ocean, harming wildlife and reaching shore.

We also have Steve Jobs’ use of des…

The Week in Animal News: Man Kills Entire Pelican Colony, Sharks at Golf Course, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

The arrival of thousands of pelicans could annoy just about anyone, but few resort to a mass killing to deal with the “problem.” That’s what one Minnesota farmer did this week, and he now faces fines of $15,000 and six months in jai…

Crouching Tigers, Flying Sharks: Stunning Images From "Planet Earth" Collector’s Edition (Slideshow)

Photo credit: Francois Savigny

Planet Earth—the much-loved cinematic tour of world’s major ecosystems—is back in the form of Special Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition DVD sets.

The sets add over three hours of bonus footage, includ…

The Horror of Elephant Poaching in Kenya: Shocking Photos by Chris Jordan

Photo: prixpictet Severed trunk of bull elephant, Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy

Chris Jordan’s work may be familiar to TreeHuggers because he has been photographing environmental issues for years. He has depicted the ravages of the oceans, and many …

The Week in Pictures: Living Map of Central Park, a Bike with Metal Tires, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

We’ve featured a lot of vertical gardens on TreeHugger, many of them superb but none quite like this one, grown as a living map of New York’s Central Park.

We also have a bike with innovative metal wheels, avant-garde DIY fall har…

Nature Photos on Urban Billboards Show City-Dwellers What They’re Missing

All Photos Courtesy of Tim Simmons

If you want to check out artist Tim Simmons’ nature photos, avoid museums and art galleries. The work is on display, but not where you would expect: the photos can be found in giant form on billboards in Los Angeles…