Growing Trees Instead of Gangs

Long known as the Emerald City, Seattle has struggled to …

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6 Green Parenting Tips for Summer

Although your children may be thrilled to be out of …

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What You Can Do for Global Tiger Day

Protecting species that we can see in our own back yards, …

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Podcast, May 7, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear

On this week’s Sustainability in Your Ear podcast, the team …

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Forget the Glaciers – It’s Time to Save the Bees

Faithful Earth911 readers know it takes an awful lot to get me fired up about something. Well, get ready because I’m coming at you with guns blazing. It’s time to be an advocate for the bees. Yes, you heard that right: bees. Literally tens of…

Green Grenades

Have you ever heard of a seed bomb? Seed bombs are horticultural works of whimsy that allow you to sow seeds in hard to reach places. They’re also ideal for use “in locations where a gardener is unable to spend long [amounts of time] preparing the….

Save the Organic Citrus

Can you imagine a world without orange juice? Grapefruit juice? Lemon pound cake? Lemonade? Or even key lime pie? That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Well, if a new disease has its way, we’ll be in a less sweet and zesty world before long….

Bamboo Rocks the House

Growing trends in eco-friendly living indicate bamboo is a progressively popular option for greenies. Bamboo is an alternative plant that may be used to create everything from bath towels to flooring, and can be integrated into nearly any area of…

The Ocean is Getting More Acidic: Why We Should Care

One tenth of one pH unit. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? What about 30 percent? That sounds a bit more significant, right? What if I told you they were the same thing? Since the Industrial Revolution, the acidity of the world’s ocean has risen…..

The Big City is Confusing for Birds

So it turns out that birds are kind of country at heart. Who knew that these flying creatures prefer the wide-open spaces of nature to the hubbub of the big city? No New York City for these feathered little guys; they prefer the pastures of…