Become a professional Cat Cuddler in Ireland

A feline clinic in Dublin has published a full-time job listing for cat cuddlers.

Urban beekeeper using bee sounds and honey to make experimental music (Video)

Did you know honey has its own sound? Using honey and other tools, this bee enthusiast wants to raise awareness about bee colony collapse disorder through music.

Mosquitoes may learn to avoid you if you swat at them enough

Once mosquitoes have learned your odor and associate it with swatting, they can become as averse to you as they are to DEET, says study.

The strawberry industry is about to change forever

California’s dominant strawberry market cannot survive without toxic soil fumigants, which have been recently banned.

A tale of two families sharing a house

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3 steps to getting kids outdoors

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But why’s an electric car show talking about food?

‘Niksen’ is the delightful Dutch concept of doing nothing

Embracing life’s pauses is healthy, restorative, and can boost creativity.

Tea is actually magical creativity juice

More than just a comfortable habit, science has shown that sipping tea throughout the day improves and prolongs creative performance.

‘Sweetness & Desire: A Short History of Sugar’ explores the food we love to hate

A new 5-part radio series hosted by food writer Bee Wilson delves into sugar’s powerful effect on politics, culture, and health.