Magical wintry landscapes show what fairytales are made of (video)

Castles, frozen lakes and steam trains in the snowy forest star in this stunning 97-second drone film.

Replacing beef with beans would dramatically slash greenhouse gasses

if Americans swapped beef for beans, the US would immediately realize 50 to 75 percent of its emissions reduction targets.

How to be a reducetarian

This term is meant to include all people striving to reduce consumption of animal products.

Hang out in a hammock that helps reforest Nicaragua & build homes for families in need

Handmade by a family of artisans in Nicaragua, WholeStory hammocks serve a dual purpose – to suspend you comfortably while also helping to build homes for needy families in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.

How to treat your vegetables like meat

Use these techniques to make veggies so good, even the meat-lovers will be salivating.

New pepper is so hot it could kill you

The new dragon’s breath chili is killer hot, but is intended to help, not hurt, when used in medical treatments.

Startups now turning upscale restaurants & bars into coworking spaces during the day

These under-utilized spaces are now affordable coworking office options during slower business hours.

One million kids are heading into nature for Outdoor Classroom Day

Because few things stick in a kid’s head more than a lesson taught outside.

Facts you never knew about vitamins

From the history of their discovery to their connection with processed foods, an episode from Gastropod reveals how these micronutrients have changed our relationship with food.

Stop the war on imperfect bananas!

Did you know Britons throw away 1.4 million bananas each day because of small blemishes?