How Steve Jobs Used Design to Change the World

Image: Steve Jobs portrait by Foundry – Mint Digital

Environmentalists may be tempted to write off Steve Jobs as just another corporate titan that ushered in a wave of unnecessary consumption. To do so without recognizing the positive contributions J…

iPhone 4S Disappoints, Underscores Apple’s Planned Obsolescence Strategy

Screengrab via Gizmodo video

The iPhone 4S. Apple’s latest. Everyone who cares about gadgets was waiting on pins and needles to hear about the release of the the latest, newest, ooooooh-est iPhone from Apple. And nearly everyone was disappointed by w…

iPhone Cases Made from Agricultural Waste and Recycled Plastic

Photo: Miniwiz

The next time someone says your iPhone case looks like you found it in the trash, you can take it as a compliment. But that’s only if you’ve got a ReCase from Miniwiz, made from 100% recycled agricultural waste and post-consumer plasti…

Ask Pablo: Will iPads in the Cockpit Really Lower Airlines’ Paper Use?

Photo by comedy_nose via Flickr CC

Dear Pablo: Two airlines have recently switched from paper flight records to iPads. Is this really an environmental improvement?

TreeHugger recently covered news of two airlines (

iPhone App Tracks Marine Litter, Reports It Online

Image via Marine Debris Tracker

Marine litter is a real problem, not just for animals but for beach goers trying to enjoy an afternoon in the sun and surf. A new smart phone app from NOAA helps you become part of the solution, by reporting where you’…

Free "Pocket Penguins" App Offers Live Views of Endangered Penguins 24/7

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

If you love penguins, this app is perfect for you. California Academy of Sciences has a highly popular African penguin exhibit, and now they’ve added cameras to it so that even if you can’t visit CAS, you can watch the penguin…

The Four Best Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers

image via YouTube video

Well — you, dear readers, have made it clear that when it comes to speakers for the iPhone, you prefer electricity-free options. When we posted about the iBamboo speaker two weeks ago, the campaign had only raised about $1,50…

The Most Eco-Friendly iPhone Speaker Made from Bamboo, Uses Zero Electricity

image via YouTube video

I think this just might be the greenest speaker for iPhones that we’ve come across yet. It’s a piece of bamboo. And that’s it. Just a piece of bamboo…but it works wonderfully. …Read the full story on TreeHugger

Al Gore Launches Interactive Digital Book App About Climate Crisis (Interview)

Image via PushPop Press “Our Choice” screengrab

In true 21st century fashion, Al Gore doesn’t stop at the printing press when it comes to offering his book, Our Choice, to the masses. Taking a cue from the popularity of both digital books and apps, G…

How Green is the iPhone? Infographic Explains.

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano via Flickr CC

Geekaphone just completed a study looking at the eco-impacts of the iPhone. Sure, Apple has its consumer-facing sustainability reports for most of their products, including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. But it’s a…