Green Game: Play "Lifeboat" and See What Floats

LIFEBOAT: The Green21 Alternate Reality Game from Green21 on Vimeo.

In the future, what ideas will stick and which will sink? Follow Caspian as he scouts out ways to address our most pressing issues for a sustainable future in this alternative reality…

How Has Hurricane Irene Affected You?

Image credit Alex Davies

TreeHugger Alex just returned from Paris to earthquakes and hurricanes in New York, and now is trapped in a house full of people who can’t get to work. Correlating the timing and Michele Bachmann’s latest comments, it would s…

Hills, Hills, Hills & Our New Flickr Pool

Hills, hills & hills by Cycle for Water. Used with permission.

Flickr user Cycle for Water posted this picture to our new TreeHugger Flickr Group. He is on an epic bike journey of some sort, which Jaymi will be writing more about soon. If you’re a F…