Graffiti Collective Transforms Spray Cans into Works of Art

Travel to any busy graffiti zone around the world and chances are you’ll spot empty spray cans in close proximity.

5 Materials from Your Home Repair You Should Recycle

Anyone familiar with home repair can tell you that there is usually some kind of debris left over. No matter what the project, anytime something new goes in, something old is discarded.

Check out five common items that often end up wasted, and…

Beware! How 10 Dangerous Materials Are Recycled

Trash is always messy, but what happens when recycling gets downright dangerous? From heavy metals to undetonated explosives, check out the ways Americans are recycling perilous materials into useful new products.

New Vaccine Delivery Method Eliminates Need for Syringes, Needles

Bioneedles are “tiny, biodegradable, mini implants” that are pre-filled with vaccines and dissolve in the body in a matter of minutes.

Study: Hospitals Could Save Billions Using Green Practices

By recycling and reducing common wasteful practices, the industry could save $5.4 billion over five years and $15 billion over 10.

‘Trash Backwards:’ How People are Rethinking Waste

David Naylor’s new book explores how individuals all over the country are innovating ways to solve waste problems.

Machine Aids Aerosol Can Recycling

The complexity of the cans may leave you mystified about what to do with them.

GlaxoSmithKline Rolls Out Inhaler Recycling Program

The U.S. arm of the British medical giant recently launched an inhaler recycling program to combat the ever-increasing problem of inhalers winding up in landfills.

IKEA Plans CFL Phase-Out by 2016

The Swedish retailer announced earlier this month it plans to transition away from compact fluorescent bulbs in favor of complete LED domination by 2016.

New Pouch Prevents CFL Mercury Shipping Spills

Compact florescent light bulbs use 75 percent less energythan traditional incandescent bulbs and last about six times longer, but with those impressive stats come some health concerns. CFLs contain small amounts of mercury, which can be harmful if…