green roofs

Living Wall Is A Map of Central Park

Images credit Parker Urban Greenscapes

Don’t know how I missed this the first time around. In 2009, LTL Architects designed offices for the The Open Planning Project (TOPP) in New York. The highlight is an 84′ long walnut bookshelf that is a map of …

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum’s Focus on Sustainable Design

Rendering visualization by Squared Design Lab. Images courtesy of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

From a green roof to locally harvested trees, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum opens on the 10th anniversary of the attack …

Buildup To Greenbuild: The Green Roofs of Toronto

All images credit Lloyd Alter unless otherwise noted.

Greenbuild, the huge green building conference put on by the US Green Building Council, is coming to my home town, Toronto, next month. As many as 30,000 American builders, designers, manufacturer…

Ask Pablo: Do Solar Panels Contribute To The Heat Island Effect?

Image credit: Bernd Sieker, used under Creative Commons license.

Dear Pablo: Does installing commercial rooftop solar PV (with the dark-colored PV cells) negate the effect of painting that same roof white to alleviate the “heat island” effect in citi…

eCORRE Complex Made From Two Memes Of The Moment: Shipping Containers and Green Roofs

Images Credit Aphid iODEA on the Open Architecture Network

I am late to the party on this one, already seen on Inhabitat and Gizmag, because it has taken me some time to figure out how it actually works. It’s called the eCORRE, for Environmental Cent…

Urban Roof Garden Has Been a Ten Year Project

Photo: B. Alter

This roof garden has been a ten year labour of love for the owner who is both the architect and designer. It all started with an eco house, built on a small piece of land in a dense residential area.

The architect wanted to be envir…

Fixing the Javits Convention Center Is A Tall Order, But Will Cut Energy Use By 26%

Images Credit FXFowle

Every year we come to the Javits Convention Center in New York for the big ICFF show, and every year I wonder what it takes to make a convention center less of big honking energy consuming barn. The Javits is particularly awful,…

Do Living Walls Really Contribute to Clean Air? Apparently, Yes.

Image credit Ambius

When faced with a choice between simple technologies and complex ones, I like the simple and easy. Living walls seem to me to be needlessly complex; that is why I prefer the green façades by Edouard François to Le Mur VĂ©gĂ©tal …

Madrid’s Green Wall is Flourishing as is the Caixa Forum

Photo: B. Alter

Madrid’s green wall is a veteran… First noted here in 2008, it was designed by Patrick Blanc, who has created some of the most famous vertical gardens in Europe.

It was installed on an exterior wall of a former power station which…