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New Packaging Tells You How to Reuse It Creatively

A tub of paint can be turned into a lamp (bottom) while its lid becomes a clock (top) in these creative reuse ideas by Luis Carlos Calderón. Photos:

Creative crafters can come up with all sorts of beautiful and innovative ways to…

Walmart Brazil Rethinks Products From End to End

Photo credit: Walmart Stores/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Camila Valverde, Director of Sustainability, Walmart Brazil.

Walmart’s environmental sustainability goals aren’t just limited to our operations in the United States; they e…

Make the 2012 Olympics Plastic Bag Free

Photo: banthebag

The goal of London’s 2012 Olympics is to be the most sustainable Games ever. But the organizers are a bit conflicted. For example, the world’s largest MacDonald’s will be opening just next to the site. It will be the size of 3 footb…

Replacing Boxes With Bags, Office Depot Tries to Save 20,000 Trees

Image: Screenshot via Office Depot

Office Depot says it expects to save 3.5 million pounds of wood-based resources by offering to deliver orders in paper bags instead of boxes—which will also eliminate the use of those plastic ‘air-pillows’ tha…

Redesigning How We Clean: Ami Shah of iQ on Their Award Winning Refill Packaging (Interview)

All images via iQ

Over one billion plastic cleaning containers go into landfill each year, according to the Canadian eco-cleaning company Planet People. And did you know that the majority of household cleaners are 95 per cent water and only five per …

Why Eco-Innovation is the Best Response to Greenwashing

Photo credit: wstryder/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Jacquelyn Ottman, author of The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding

As the kickoff speaker to the Sustainable Brands ’11 con…

Aveda Aims for Zero Waste: Pilots Packaging Take-Back Program in Colorado

Image: Rachel Cernansky

As of yesterday, Coloradoans have a way to recycle packaging items that are not accepted by their curbside collection program. With the support of the city of Denver, Aveda launched its take-back program—the latest step …