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5 Entry-Level Green Jobs for Recent Grads

Congratulations to the class of 2018 on your recent graduation. …

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Video: Creating Green Jobs

You already know that recycling is important for the amount it saves from going to landfills — scrap recycling diverts 40 million metric tons of useful materials a year — but did you know that job creation is also a huge benefit? Scrap recycling……

Gardener for the Queen is a Royally Green Job

Photo: flickr/wanderingone

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Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings Are Out

Image via The Daily Beast

Newsweek has been releasing a green ranking of America’s and the world’s biggest companies for a few years now, and the 2011 results are in….Read the full story on TreeHugger

Why #OccupyWallStreet May Be Progressive Turning Point

Photo by Jim Kiernan via Flickr – All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Are we on the cusp of an American Autumn a la the Arab Spring? Last night, Van Jones said yes. “I think everybody should hold on to your seats. October is going to be the t…

Oil & Gas Industry Jobs Overstated Four Times by American Petroleum Institute

And 40% of all oil industry jobs are minimum wage jobs at filling stations. Photo: Terry Robinson/CC BY SA

You may have seen new ad from the American Petroleum Institute touting how many people the oil and gas industry employs, and the benefits of fo…

Wacky-Named "Pirate" Party Gains Power in Germany, Calls for Free Public Transportation

Image: Pirate Party/Susanne Graf

As the rest of the world was celebrating talk like a pirate day, the Pirate Party won its first seats in the Berlin state elections.

In Germany, any party winning more than 5% of the votes is entitled to a share in …

Energy Efficiency Makes Nuclear Power Seem Like A Waste of Money, Energy & Jobs (Infographic)

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With all the talk among the Republican hopefuls for President about opening up more of the US for energy exploration in the name of job creation, here’s an infographic laying out in stark terms how many…

Solar Power Innovator Solyndra Files For Bankruptcy

Solar power tech innovator Solyndra has announced it will be filing for bankruptcy. 1,100 full time and temporary employees are being laid-off immediately, the company said in a press statement.

The company promoted an innovative solar power approac…

Feds Hiring Unemployed for Great Lakes Cleanup

Photo: Egan Snow/CC

Who says we have to choose between jobs and the environment? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is starting a sort of Public Works program for the Great Lakes — prioritizing funding for restoration projects that put the un…