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Earth911TV: Green Building? See For Yourself.

We get asked frequently about our Earth911 digs. Well today you’re in luck.  Not only did we just move into our new green building, but we’re giving you a sneak peek in this episode of Earth911TV! A little background first – Earth911 and Quest….

Treeless Treehouse: A "Tornado" of Reclaimed Wood By Roderick Romero

Photos via Jeff Casper

What do you do when you don’t have a tree to build a treehouse in? Answer: build a “treeless” treehouse. This is exactly what New York-based artist, musician and treehouse designer Roderick Romero did with a team of friends for …

Vintage Trailer Renovated Into Beautiful Live + Work Space By Downsizing Architect

Photos: Matthew Hofmann

Tiny homes, retrofitting old trailers into eco-friendly mobile homes are becoming more widespread as people are questioning the need for “stuff” and a mortgage

D*Haus: Concept Transformer House Morphs With The Weather

Image & video: The D*Haus Company

The idea that our built environment can be fluid, adapting to the needs and constraints of the moment, is something that isn’t seen often. But so-called “transformer spaces,” “transformer furniture” and “genetic archi…

Michael Jantzen’s Amazing 1981 Modular Steel Dome House (Slideshow)

Image credit Michael Jantzen

Lately we’ve been covering some of the amazing early work by designer Michael Jantzen (see how the Retro 1970s Solar Vacation House by Michael Jantzen is Still Relevant).

For his mother’s house, Jantzen turned to out of…

Experimental Zero Carbon Development is Antithesis of Eco-bling (Video)

Image credit: SSE Zero Carbon Homes

Lloyd has railed against “eco-bling” in the past, also known as the practice of strapping on solar panels or other sexy clean tech onto fundamentally unsustainable homes or communities. But, when done right, solar …

Whole Trees — Pruned For Stunning Architecture & Better Forest Management (Photos)

Photos: Whole Tree Architecture

Building with whole timber — as opposed to milling it down into ‘products’ — has lots of advantages, ranging from increased fire resistance (seems paradoxical but true), low embodied energy and carbon sequestration.

Vertical Green Wall in London is Flourishing After 4 Months

Photo: B. Alter, Wall, October, 2011

A picture by Van Gogh, interpreted as a green wall at the National Gallery in London, was planted in June.

Now it is mid-October, and sadly, the wall is due to be pulled down at the end of the month. So how has …

Glittering Pavilion Of Recycled Cans Rises Up In Bat-Yam, Israel

Photos: via Recyclart

There’s more than one way to recycle a can, and designers of this shining pavilion made of large, recycled cans in Bat-Yam, Israel demonstrate how a simple collection of cans can be used to re-define public space.

…Read the f…

Best Of Show: Sage Electrochromic Glass Is A Thermostat For The Sun

Image credit Lloyd Alter

Sage Electrochromic glass has been on the TreeHugger radar for a while; we first covered it in 2006 and Mike expanded on it last year.

It is a fascinating product, glazing that darkens at the flip of a switch, eliminating t…