TreeHugger Trivia: Google’s Carbon Footprint and Electricity Consumption

Photo credit: espensorvik via Flickr/Creative Commons/BY

We all know Google as the giant Internet company that serves the world billions of pages of search results, YouTube videos, email messages, and lots more, every single day around the globe. All…

Green Commuting at Google! (Video)

They Even have a Kayak Commuter!
Most of you probably know by now that Google isn’t your average mega-corp. They like to do things their own way, and that includes getting their employees to work. The video above shows how they seem to encourage any …

Google and NASA Team Up for a Green Flight Challenge with $1.65M Prize

Photo: Mary Paulose under a Creative Commons license.

Air travel may be time efficient, but based on planes’ carbon emissions, it’s not good for the environment. And while purchasing carbon offsets is a good move, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Tha’s why Google has teamed up with aircraft technology research group the Read the full story on TreeHugger

Google Foundation Says Clean Energy Innovation Could Have Huge Payoff

Image: Screen grab of Google website

Google Crunches the Numbers on Energy
Google is a company that tends to put its money

Google Earth Reveals How Predator-Prey Behavior In Coral Reefs Can Be Seen From Space

You can see the light blue halos where seaweed has been grazed around the coral patches in the Red Sea. Image downloaded from Google Earth Pro 7 June 2011. Image date 19 Dec. 2010. Image copyright 2011 GeoEye.

The image you see above was taken with …

Google Maps Now Offers Real-Time Transit Updates

Photo: Google

Only Available in Some Cities for Now… But More to Come
Google’s been keeping busy lately, keeping many irons in the fire. I just wrote about their $280M investment in residential solar, but they’re also trying to make mass transit mo…

Google Invests $280M in Residential Solar Power!

Photo: Google

In Partnership with SolarCity, They Want to Put Solar Panels on Your Roof
Google has just announced its biggest clean energy investment yet, a $280M fund to finance residential solar panel installations across the US. They are partnerin…

Google Invests $55 Million in California’s Massive 1,550MW Alta Wind Farm

Photo & Logo: Google

Feeling Lucky? Your Searches Help Pay for This
Google’s not stopping its massive clean energy investments. After $168M in solar thermal and $100M in wind power, they’re investing in… more wind power! They’re providing $55 milli…

Google Earth Animation Reveals Sumatran Tiger Habitat Slated for Logging (Video)

Image via YouTube video screengrab

Last week we brought you video from WWF of some incredibly cute, and unfortunately endangered tiger cubs playing in the forest of Bukit Tigapuluh, or “Thirty Hills,” which is under pressure from paper and timber com…

Hands-on With Google’s Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Google has been hatching a new project that connects household accessories such as lightbulbs to the Android platform, which makes it easier for homeowners to keep tabs on their energy consumption and control their home from afar. Google has picked A…