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The Week in Pictures: Cloud Travel, a Vertical Forest in Milan, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

We talk a lot about low-impact transportation on TreeHugger, from bikes to electric cars to high speed rail. But this is definitely the first time we’ve talked about traveling on a floating cloud.

We also have a building in Milan t…

"Scientific Facts Will Prevail" Over GOP Climate Denial: Dr. Rajendra Pachauri (Video)

Photo credit: Maassive via Flickr/CC BY…Read the full story on TreeHugger

"Communities Are More Important Than Nations": Bill McKibben

From community-owned solar power stations through edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to the power of local investing, we’ve featured plenty of localized, community-based responses to climate change and peak oil. But how does community a…

After Helping Cause Climate Change, Big Oil Now Set to Profit from Melting Arctic

Photo credit: USGS

Oil companies have done much to contribute to climate change. Of course, they extract, distribute, and sell a product that, when burned, emits heat-trapping greenhouse gases. But they also have used part of their profits to engage …

Entire Island Nation Runs Out of Water

Water-strapped Tuvalu. Photo credit: mrlns via Flickr/CC BY

Climate change largely to blame
It’s a particularly bad time to live in a low-lying island nation. With global warming continuing unmitigated, rising sea levels and increasingly violent stor…

Australian Company Will Kill Camels for Cash, Carbon Credits

Photo credit: Harclade via Flickr/CC BY

As you’ve likely heard, Australia is en route to pass legislation ensuring that its largest polluters pay for their carbon emissions. The new law will allow companies to reduce at least part of their emissions …

Toxic Algae Bloom in Lake Erie Worst in Decades

Blooming Lake Erie. Photo Credit: NASA EO

Pure Michigan is a slogan used in the Great Lakes State, to bring in tourists and celebrate the beauty of nature. You probably won’t be seeing these images in any Pure Michigan ad campaign. They’re of algae, …

Cyclist Rides from Lisbon to Istanbul to Raise Money for Charity and Promote Climate Awareness

Cyclist Todd Miller in Lisbon (L) and Istanbul (R), the two ends of his cross-continental ride. Photos: Todd Miller.

Istanbul’s small but dedicated cycling community rallied this week to help an American biker navigate the city’s dangerous roads — w…

New Carbon Tax Means 1 Million Australians Won’t Have to Pay Income Taxes

Photo credit: Señor Codo via Fotopedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

You might have already heard that after a long and arduous political battle, Australia is on track to institute a fairly potent carbon tax. After the measure passes the upper house (where the polit…

Rick Perry’s Climate Censorship Takes Cues from George W. Bush

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr/CC BY

News broke on Monday that the Texas government was working to censor a scientific report that mentioned the impacts of manmade climate change on Galveston Bay. The impacts it described, which included incr…