4 Tips for Planning a Toxin-Free Summer Barbecue

As summer winds down, many Americans are relishing the last …

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4 Tips for Planning a Toxin-Free Summer Barbecue

With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, grilling season is officially upon us. Distant splashes and adolescent laughter can be heard from nearby pools, while tantalizing aromas from firing grills fill the air. It’s that time of year to channel your…..

5 Green Gadgets That Will Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

It’s that time of year again. Time to roll up your sleeves and tackle all the dirt and clutter that happened while you were getting through the winter months. That’s right — it’s time to throw open the windows and get down to spring…

Green Your Fitness: 3 Win-Win Health Practices

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which helps fund our Recycling Directory, the most comprehensive in North America. Have you ever wondered about how sustainable your fitness habits are? Whether you’re an exercise guru or still struggling…

Recycling Old Electronics: One Writer’s Journey

Take a minute and think about how much technology you have had throughout your lifetime. Now think about having all of that in your hands at one time. Where did all those pieces go after you were done with them? Just what happens to electronic…

Smartphone Recall: Will Samsung Consider the Earth?

Keep your seat back in the upright position, put your tray table up, switch all electronics to airplane mode, and turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This is the new script for airline workers now that the recently launched smartphone has been…

Change Your Behavior: A Guide To Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

As millions of students prepare to head back to school, now is a prime time to shop for new gadgets and electronic devices to replace the old ones. While it’s exciting to upgrade, it can be a tough season for Mother Earth. The pencils and notepads……

Smart Sprinkler System Saves Water in the Yard

Put your scheduled sprinkler system on steroids with this water-saving gadget from Denver startup Rachio.

5 Solar Powered Tech Gadgets

Solar power is not just for houses anymore. The technology is being implemented on all sorts of technology products as an alternative to plugs and batteries, and prices are comparable to their non-solar counterparts. For some devices (e.g….

New USB Charger Eliminates Vampire Power in Style

Powerslayer, a new portable USB charger for phones, tablets and other electronic devices, uses smart software that delivers energy only when it’s needed.