Set Up Self-Watering Systems for Thirsty Plants

What can you do to make sure your plants thrive through fall? Add a self-watering system.

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3 Reasons No-Shave November Is Good for the Environment

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Fall Entertaining Idea: Host a No-Carve Pumpkin Party

Many of us are used to decorating with traditional jack-o-lanterns, but why not try something a bit different this year and opt for a no-carve pumpkin instead? In addition to being faster, no-carve designs will make it much easier to …

7 Great Game-Day Recycling Programs

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Make Festive Pumpkins from Unreadable Books

Old, unreadable books can become festive pumpkin-like dĂ©cor with this project from the It’s Always Autumn blog.

Want Free Fresh Fruit? Find It Online!

FallingFruit.org is an international project that shows where the general public can find fruits, vegetables and nuts that are free for the taking.