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Where Does Environmental Justice Fit?

The year 2020 has been dominated by the twin terrors …

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Just Do It is a Tale of Modern Day Outlaws

Photo: justdo it

Whether you agree with their methods, or not, Just Do It is a “tale of modern-day outlaws” whose spirit and energy you just have to admire.

The film follows the lives of English environmental activists as they go about their work: …

In Africa Ivy League Universities Involved In Land Grabs – In India Its A War On Farmers

photo: Simply CVR/Creative Commons

Two stories coming through on land grabs in the name of ‘development’ that are worth paying attention to. Al Jazeera has a good opinion piece from the ever prolific Vandana Shiva where she describes land grabs in In…

Helmsley Money Set-Back for Dog Charities

Image: created by author using images under CC from jbcurio and Nevada Tumbleweed

Stunned headlines followed news that Leona Helmsley’s dog, Trouble, became a millionare in her own right after the “Queen of Mean” left her pet $12 million in her will….

Mother Earth To Be Given Rights Equal to Humans In New Bolivian Law

Pachamama, the goddess revered by indigenous Andean people as ‘Mother World’. Image: Wikipedia.

A brief update on a story from a year ago: Bolivia is about to pass laws granting all of nature equal rights to human beings. The laws were first propose…