New U.S. Solar Tariff to Stall Solar Energy Growth

Within a few weeks, imported solar cells and modules to …

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Utility CEO sees new wind and solar cheaper than existing coal by early 2020s

When it’s cheaper to build new solar than to run your old power plant, things change fast.

New study finds that being a couch potato is green

Finally, a good excuse for lolling away your day on the sofa: it saves energy.

Florida may pass "Sunshine Protection Act" and go on Daylight Saving Time all year round

This is a very good idea that all of North America should consider.

Renewable energy can’t be stopped (but delay still hurts)

The low carbon future is coming. The pace at which it arrives, however, matters an awful lot.

New, lower cost Nest Thermostat E: First impressions

The smartest features of a smart thermostat may actually be the pretty simple.

University of New South Wales to go 100% solar powered

There’s a renewable energy arms race going on in academia. UNSW just blew the competition out the water.

Efficiency is important, but it is time to get serious about sufficiency

According to Kris De Decker, just making things more efficient isn’t enough; we have to change the way we live.

Life with a Sense home energy monitor, an update

More devices identified, more lessons learned. And some challenges…

Highway robbery in China as Solar Road makes sense to someone

A big chunk of it got pried up and stolen in what looks like corporate espionage.