Even cargo ships are going 100% electric

But there’s a catch…

One hundred years after the Halifax explosion, what have we learned?

One hundred years later, we are still playing chicken with peoples’ lives.

Transportation is now the biggest source of US CO2 emissions

But electric cars will save us, right? Think again.

In Sweden, they are burning H&M clothing instead of coal.

For some reason, they think that this is progress.

Do you discuss your energy bills? You probably should.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, right?

UK company plans massive, subsidy-free 350MW solar farm

But some conservationists are not so sure about cramming this into the English countryside…

Study: 100% renewable electricity worldwide is feasible, and cheaper than business-as-usual

Solar plus storage could literally change the world.

HomeBiogas 2.0: Ready-to-use biogas solution for the home

There are a lot of pointless Kickstarters out there. This is NOT one of them.

Italy is phasing out coal too

By 2025, Italy will have weaned itself off of the nasty black stuff, apparently.

See-through solar cells could close gap to meet electricity demand

This could turn 5-7 billion square meters of glass in the USA alone into solar power plants, plus power your cell phone and other gadgets