Reinventing the US Power Grid

We have an energy challenge in the United States — …

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Indigenous Communities Moving Away From Government Utilities

Indigenous communities are rejecting non-indigenous energy projects in favour of community-led sustainable energy infrastructure. The switch has led to some improvements in economic and social…

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7 ways cities can encourage better energy performance in rentals

May 15, 2018  |  By Alisa Petersen   Today, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released a new report, Better Rentals, Better City: Smart Policies to Improve Your City’s Rental Housing…

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Is the Golden Era for renewables around the corner?

In the past few years, there has been a lively debate about the increasing role of renewables at the expense of fossil fuels, particularly in power generation. Some say that renewables are not…

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Solar Panel performance on hot days

Although solar panels absorb energy from the sun, hotter temperatures actually make them less efficient. Surprisingly, they perform worse as the temperature rises! Solar panels work by using incoming…

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More Efficient Solar Panels from Tiny Dents

Looking for a way to make solar panels more efficient? Why not try putting a dent in them? No, it’s not a “fix the TV by banging your hand on it” solution, but an actually demonstrable discovery from…

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An Energy Revolution is coming. Who ends up on Top?

The cost of producing solar power is rapidly declining: It now costs $50 to produce one megawatt-hour of solar power, according to a new analysis. Coal, on the other hand, costs $102 per…

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Apple Becomes Leader in Renewable Energy

On Monday of this week, Apple announced that all of their facilities are officially powered by 100 percent clean energy. The announcement encompasses all of their retail stores, offices, data…

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Tesla Solar Roof Testimonial Cost and Installation

One of the first known Tesla Solar Roof residential customers has shed some light on the process for installing the unique energy producing glass roof tiles, and its costs… Read More


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Florida Earthship Build – Summer 2018 Workshop Images

earthship workshop. June 18 – July 31, 2018. Florida, USA. Hurricane Resistant Earthship Build. Strong, Safe, Off-grid. Volunteer, Work, Learn, Participate.
We are working on an incomplete…

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