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Tesla Model S Electric Sedan to Have Faster ‘Sport’ Version and Longer Range Aerodynamic Version

The Model S electric sedan, schedule for a late 2012 release. Photo: Tesla Motors

Why Not Put the Aerodynamic Tweaks on All Models, Though?
Our friends over at GreenCarReports have learned that Tesla Motors will make special versions of its Model S e…

The Future of Transportation on a Planet with 7 Billion People

Photo: Flickr, CC

Take a Step Back and Look
As we near the moment when our planet officially hosts 7 billion people (of course this is just a statistical guess – nobody’s sure precisely how many humans are on Earth), we need to take some time to thin…

Former GM Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz Joins Electric Car Company Via Motors

Photo: Michael Graham Richard, Detroit 2009

Lutz Hasn’t Made His Last Car…
Bob Lutz, the man who once upon a time derided hybrids and electric cars only to later be instrumental in making GM produce the Chevy Volt, has now joined a small electric c…

Renting Hybrid Cars Has Gotten Easier: 5 Models to Look Out For

Photo: igloowhite/Creative Commons

A bike or local public transportation may be the greenest way to get around, but sometimes even the biggest cargo bike can’t do everything.

Whether you want to see the countryside, have a ton of luggage, or are t…

Toyota Unveils 2012 Prius Plug-in (87 MPGe, $32k)

Photo: Toyota

Toyota’s a Bit Late to the Lithium-Ion Party, But Better Late Than Never
We’ve known it was coming for a while, but until now we didn’t have official numbers on pricing and fuel economy for the 2012 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid. Well, th…

The Week in Pictures: Camping Trailer is also a Boat, Cats Nap in TVs, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take your car from road to lake? Well now you can, and while camping to boot: This wild design morphs a trailer from a tent into a boat.

We also have old TVs that become homes for cats, a 1970s…

Wha..?! Tiny Electric Car Takes the Subway (Pics)

Photo: MagnusMathisen, Reddit

Sorry ma’am, am I parked on your foot?
It’s not every day that you see this combination of green transportation methods. It’s common to see bicycles on buses, but not electric cars on the subway! At first glance it might…

World Advanced Vehicle Expedition Tours Europe on Renewables

Image credit: WAVE

With real-world electric vehicles (EVs) finally entering mainstream markets in serious numbers, and viable EV charging infrastructure being built worldwide, it looks increasingly realistic to expect electric cars, motorbikes and bi…

Return of the SUV-More Than 1 Million Sold In China

Hummers are no longer made, but SUV popularity has returned.

Witness the revival of popularity of gas-guzzling, CO2 spewing SUVs. You may have thought the concept was on its way out when the Hummer breathed its last in 2009. Not so – of late SUV sale…

New Quick-Charging Station is Half the Size & Price as Old One

Photos: Nissan LEAF Electric Car by Michael Graham Richard, Quick charging station by Nissan

Smaller! Cheaper! Better!
Electric cars are getting better and cheaper with each new generation, and the same applies to the chargers that allow them to rech…