Occupy London Runs Into Trouble at Its Home Base

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President of Iceland: Our Clean Energy Economy Helped Us Survive the Financial Crisis

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Over the last few years, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson has seen disasters both financial and environmental wrack his tiny island nation of Iceland. The Nordic country was at the center of the economic meltd…

The Hidden Eco-Benefits of Working from Home

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The Two Sides of the Food Crisis: Want & Waste (Infographic)

Whenever we talk about the Global food crisis, a lot of time is spent on how we can possibly grow enough food to feed a growing population. But there is another side too—how can we get the food we do grow to mouths that will actually eat it? Th…

"The Story of Broke" Takes on Wall St & Government (Video)

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How I Created a Tool Library in Under Two Hours

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When I say “I”, I mean “we”. And when I say “tool library”, really I mean lending network. But the core lesson still stands. Sharing is really easy, and often all it takes is broaching the…

"Communities Are More Important Than Nations": Bill McKibben

From community-owned solar power stations through edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to the power of local investing, we’ve featured plenty of localized, community-based responses to climate change and peak oil. But how does community a…

Universities Commit to Billion Dollar Energy Efficiency Challenge

The rapidly falling costs of solar and the rapid growth of clean energy are causing ripples of excitement in an otherwise depressed economy. But we should not forget that old adage that the cheapest energy is almost always the energy you don’t use. T…

Utility "Representatives" Explain Their Profits to the Public (Video)

Image credit: FOE UK

When we hosted a live chat with Solarcentury’s Jeremy Leggett, he was unequivocal in describing the relationship between fossil fuels and clean energy as nothing short of “civil war”. Interestingly, he also singled out many utili…

How to Start a Tool Library: Just Do It

Image credit: The Center for a New American Dream

When I posted a video about Portland’s tool libraries, one commenter wished that he had something similar in Boise—and I am sure he was not alone. The idea of being able to borrow tools you rare…