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5 Ways to Save the Earth on a Budget

We all want the environment to be a safe and healthy place for our children and our children’s children. We want to be sure they have the best air quality, the healthiest foods and a nontoxic living environment. Sometimes it feels like you need to……

When the Prize is So Valuable, Will We Do it Again?

Since I ran the bottled water story a week or two back, I’ve had a few question about who owns the water and what would happen if we ended up with not enough of the good stuff. Never one to …

Rainwater Pump Runs On Sunlight

Image via ITT Flow Control

ITT Flow Control recently announced the development of their new, solar powered RainPerfect Water Pump, which takes harvested rainwater in a barrel and pumps it through devices like garden hoses and sprinklers. This way, th…

Is the U.S. Reaching Peak Water?

Circle of Blue has a good piece on our peak water problem, including definitions of the types of peak water:

“There are three different definitions of “peak water” and there is evidence that the U.S., or parts of the country, have exceeded peak cons…

Why is Water from a Garden Hose so Delicious?

Photo by Aaron Fulkerson/CC

I posed this (age-old?) question on Twitter and Facebook today. To which one of my Environmental Studies colleagues replied, “the hose gives it taste.” Ah, yes, the taste of childhood, of a hot summer day and cooling off w…

Removing Arsenic From Water With…Plastic Bottles and Nutrition Supplements?!

Photo by katerha via Flickr CC

When we think of plastic bottles, we usually think of them as a serious problem tied up with our drinking water, not a possible solution for cleaning water for 100 million people. But researchers have found that by comb…

Pepsi Partners With Nature Conservancy to Assess Their Footprint in Water-Stressed Areas

Pepsi water photo
Image: combust via flickr

Pepsi does not have the greatest track record when it comes to social responsibility, particularly with regard to its use of water in countries already stressed for water resources. So while it’s too soon to tell if this is a too-little-too-late project, it’s good news that the company is at least recognizing it has work to do when it comes to water: Read the full story on TreeHugger

One Woman Working To Bring Safe Water to Millions With A Simple Barrel (Video)

Image via video screengrab

We’ve seen a variety of designs for carrying water over the years — from the Hippo Roller to the Water Cycle. But this design by Cynthia Koenig, called the Wello WaterWheel, may be one of the most simple. Essentially a bar…

Dhaka, Bangladesh to Become Next City to Require Rainwater Harvesting

New roofs in Dhaka will soon be required to harvest rainwater.
Image: dougsyme via flickr

The demand for water in Dhaka, Bangladesh is 2.4 billion liters a day, but the city can only produce 2.1 billion liters, according to the country’s Water Supply …

Water Filtration Meets Fine Art at Venice Biennale

Ayşe Erkmen’s ‘Plan B.’ Photo: Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV).

Water-treatment plants might not seem to have much aesthetic potential. But Turkish sculptor Ayşe Erkmen is making a splash at the 54th International Art Exhibition of…