What is the "greenest" home?

Rick Reynolds of Bensonwood takes a stab at the question.

Mirrored shipping container becomes an invisible urban art gallery

Built as an extension for a local high school, this new urban space blends into its tree-lined surroundings.

Apple Park is almost complete; it is still beautiful and still wrong

It is a jewel in suburban isolation.

A pocket of Passivhaus projects popping up in Ontario cottage country

Why is this happening here?

The Best Eco-Friendly Home Decor Materials

To truly express a sustainable lifestyle, one must begin in the home. Modern eco-friendly home decor materials are widely available and varied enough in color, texture and purpose to offer fashionable options for any individual style, and the…

Bartender & filmmaker’s short bus conversion features roof deck & mini-bar (Video)

This ‘full shorty’ school bus conversion is a fresh and agile home and office on wheels.

World’s largest vertical garden hosts 115,000 plants to create "living building" (Video)

This vertical garden on a residential high-rise in Bogotá reuses greywater from its residents and helps to clean the air.

Kiss House is a modern Passivhaus flatpack made from CLT

This pushes almost every TreeHugger button.

Happy 150th birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright

Many (including the man himself) consider him to be America’s greatest architect.

Cute little Norwegian sauna was designed and built by students

I didn’t know saunas were a thing in Norway, but in fact they come in all sizes.