Shipping container house in Brooklyn doesn’t make sense, and I don’t care

LOT-EK cuts up and assembles 21 shipping containers into a single family house. It’s totally nuts.

Climate & Culture are critical to understanding how to Heat & Cool Buildings.

We must begin by taking note of the countries and climates in which homes are to be built if our designs for them are to be correct. One type of house seems appropriate for Egypt, another for Spain……

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Young professional diver chooses van life over expensive rentals (Video)

This 21-year-old finds financial freedom by switching over to a mobile lifestyle.

The House of the Future seems as far away as ever

Homebuilders are making homes smarter but it’s all getting so complicated.

This interactive crosswalk "puts pedestrians first"

Of course, much depends on who is programming it, but some interesting ideas here.

Does your office suffer from Dumb Building Syndrome?

That’s where the air quality is so bad that it affects your ability to think properly or effectively.

Cabin project follows stress-reducing effect of living in nature — the Swedish way (Video)

Swedes enjoy an interesting “close-to-nature” lifestyle — this informal study shows how it might help visitors from other countries.

Your next home might be built by robots, and you will never know

They are already doing this in Sweden.

Futuristic airless tire is 3D printed, won’t go flat or need replacement (Video)

These smart, air-free tires can be retreaded at any time using 3D printing.

Why an office is not a spaceship

Employees deserve more than just good air quality.