Stair of the week is bold and bamboo

Because if you make it beautiful and open, people will use it.

Author & filmmaker’s ultra-minimalist van conversion done for $1,200 (Video)

This man’s DIY van conversion has become a part-time home-on-wheels when he travels on book tours and filming expeditions.

Apple employees are "in revolt" over open offices. Really?

They may be giving up four walls, but they are getting a lot in return.

How the cost of lighting has changed over time

The cost of lighting is dropping faster than we can think of silly ways to waste it.

What happens to back lanes when self-driving cars take over?

Austin Maynard Architects build a back lane dwelling with plans for an autonomous future.

Modern Shotgun Chameleon House is an affordable DIY home (Video)

Built with passive cooling and flexibility in mind, this family home is a prototype for low-cost, energy-efficient affordable housing.

The problem with Net Zero: The grid is not a bank

You can’t deposit energy in it and take it out when you need it.

Sakura is a luxurious modern tiny house for cold climates (Video)

Built on a gooseneck trailer, this big tiny home features a lot of clever small-space design ideas.

How does Vienna build such terrific housing?

Seattle architect Mike Eliason describes what he learned about their housing policies.

A perfect illustration of the spatial inefficiency of the automobile

Or, you need a lot less space for parking if people are on bikes.