The construction industry has a productivity problem

The Economist has some suggestions for fixing it. We have more.

Carpenter lives, works & travels out of this well-crafted bus conversion (Video)

Putting his carpentry skills to work, this young man finds a happy work-life balance thanks to his hand-built home-on-wheels.

Urban swimming is becoming a thing again

More and more cities are cleaning up their act and their water, and it is a wonderful thing.

What are the world’s most livable cities? Depends how you measure it.

The Economist puts Melbourne in number 1 spot, Vancouver in 3. They’re not.

Solar-powered Bike Sharing Farm is a mobile community garden for the city (Video)

No community garden in your neighborhood? Inspired by bike sharing schemes, this portable garden can come to you.

"Women in Wood" promotes women in an industry dominated by men

As the need for more sustainably harvested wood grows, we are going to need a lot more women working in the business.

Extra-wide modern tiny house comes with a pop-out reading nook

This roomier tiny house in Australia is built for a couple and their two dogs.

Passive House beats building code box in Ice Box Challenge

But is it a pyrrhic victory?

Derelict grain silo converted into post-industrial residences in Copenhagen

An old concrete silo is transformed into private residences and public spaces on the city’s waterfront.

Picks and pans from the INDEX: Design To Improve Life Competition

A look at some of the nominees which are brilliant, and others that are something else.