Couple transform van into a traveling home, using IKEA & small bag of tools (Video)

Using a combination of custom-made furniture and off-the-shelf items, this van uses a bunch of neat design ideas to make it feel like home.

Joris Laarman Lab shows the future of digital design

An exhibition of their work is at the Cooper Hewitt in New York

Tesla tiny house integrates solar with Powerwall, towed by Model X (Video)

Tesla’s tiny house integrates solar power and its Powerwall home battery into a seamless system, and can be towed by the Model X.

Scaffolding: the ultimate flexible, modular and ephemeral building material

A show at the New York Center for Architecture looks at the usually ignored but omnipresent scaffold

The paper in this notebook is made from stone

An innovative stationery company has figured out a way to make paper from crushed stone, using no trees or water in the process.

Biofit creates healthy, nature-inspired gyms using biophilic design (Video)

The company designs indoor gyms that bring nature inside, along with offering specially designed training classes that use one’s bodyweight only.

You can now order a shipping container tiny house on Amazon

This fully-finished (and furnished) 320-square foot tiny container home is connection-ready for water, sewer, and electric.

OLED lighting makes a beautiful chandelier

French lighting design company Blackbody makes the new lighting tech an object of desire.

Small city apartment maximized with clever cabinets & folding furniture (Video)

A small apartment is made to feel larger with custom cabinetry and more.

Do homeowners have a right to light on their solar panels?

Perhaps, but what about the windows on a passive house? Why the high tech bias?