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Timberland Boots Don’t Kick the Can

“Lost Bottle,” a television ad for Timberland Earthkeepers boots and part of the company’s Nature Needs Heroes campaign, was seen in the commercial break on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. It shows a dog snatching a plastic bottle and dum…

Occupy London Runs Into Trouble at Its Home Base

Photo: B. Alter…Read the full story on TreeHugger

Proof of Global Domination By a Few Corporations

Image: The network of global corporate control, Vitali, et. al.

A Few Companies Have Power Over Most of the Real Economy
The idea that the few dominate the many will not come as news to those gathered either to occupy wall street or to occupy everywh…

Former Barista Tells Starbucks: Brew More Fair Trade Coffee

Image: marcopako via flickr

Sam Greenblatt liked working for Starbucks—he thought the company treated its employees well. But when he learned that Starbucks offers 100-percent fair trade-certified coffee and espresso at its stores in Europe, he …

Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings Are Out

Image via The Daily Beast

Newsweek has been releasing a green ranking of America’s and the world’s biggest companies for a few years now, and the 2011 results are in….Read the full story on TreeHugger

If Corporations Were Biological People We’d Lock Them Up For Endangering The Public

photo: Mat McDermott

Out at the Occupy Wall Street rallies in New York I’ve seen a number of signs urging the end of corporate personhood, pointing out that corporations aren’t really people–even though under United States law they are in fact legal…

Near Net Zero Reached at Frito-Lay Plant

Five solar installations produce 10 million kilowatt-hours of power. Photos from Frito-Lay

If only more existing buildings would go “net zero”. The Empire State Building has saved 40% in energy costs with a major retrofit. Now a Frito-Lay facility, a…

How Many Slaves Work For You Every Day? Find Out With New Online Tool.

Images via screengrab

Um, so this is a kind of horrifying wake-up call. A website called Slavery Footprint will run a few questions by you to tell you just how many slaves around the world are at work providing you with the things you wear, the thing…

iPhone 4S Disappoints, Underscores Apple’s Planned Obsolescence Strategy

Screengrab via Gizmodo video

The iPhone 4S. Apple’s latest. Everyone who cares about gadgets was waiting on pins and needles to hear about the release of the the latest, newest, ooooooh-est iPhone from Apple. And nearly everyone was disappointed by w…

Walmart Brazil Rethinks Products From End to End

Photo credit: Walmart Stores/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Camila Valverde, Director of Sustainability, Walmart Brazil.

Walmart’s environmental sustainability goals aren’t just limited to our operations in the United States; they e…