Occupy London Runs Into Trouble at Its Home Base

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"The Story of Broke" Takes on Wall St & Government (Video)

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How to Start a Tool Library: Just Do It

Image credit: The Center for a New American Dream

When I posted a video about Portland’s tool libraries, one commenter wished that he had something similar in Boise—and I am sure he was not alone. The idea of being able to borrow tools you rare…

Target Commits to 100% "Sustainable & Traceable" Seafood by 2015 (Infographic)

Image credit: A Bullseye View

With the debt crisis and energy constraints putting a serious question mark over the very notion of economic growth, it will be interesting to see how well big box retailers and globalized supply chains weather the comin…

100% Bug-Powered Smart Phone, Featuring Insects Doing Circus Tricks (Video)

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Oh yes. Snapdragon asks, “How many preying mantises does it take to power a smart phone?” And indeed, they put together a bug circus to find out. Check out the video. …Read the full story on TreeHugger

Why My Swiffer is the Least of Our Worries: Prioritization Matters

Image credit: Elizabeth/Table4Five, used under Creative Commons license.

The other day I was cleaning our floors with a Swiffer, musing on how it probably wasn’t the greenest option out there, and beating myself up for choosing convenience over ecolo…

Will Sustainable Products Really Be Mainstream by 2020?

From electric cars not being cost competitive until 2030 to video conferencing being worth $3.6bn by 2016, the green business world is full of predictions and prophecies—most of which should be taken with a hefty dose of uncertainty. Neverthele…

Buying Local vs. Fair Trade (Infographic)

We’ve often examined the debate over which is greener, buying local or buying fair trade (or organic, or seasonal…). Typically each has their own pros and cons depending on situation. A new infographic from Ethical Ocean lays out the deets, includi…

Reverend Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping Occupy Wall Street (Video)

The Reverend Billy Talen and his infamous Church of Stop Shopping dropped by the massive protests on Wall Street last night to deliver a brief sermon, and I caught the Rev’s speech on video. Watch above as he rejoices because #OccupyWallStreet protes…

How Many Slaves Work For You Every Day? Find Out With New Online Tool.

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Um, so this is a kind of horrifying wake-up call. A website called Slavery Footprint will run a few questions by you to tell you just how many slaves around the world are at work providing you with the things you wear, the thing…