Most Popular Articles of October: Gross Seat Savers, Sharks Invading a Golf Course, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

One of the downsides of public transportation is that you can’t always expect a free seat, and you can’t save a place for yourself or a friend. But Jaymi showed us a novel solution — fake spilled ice cream cups and coffee to keep p…

35 Congressmen Move to Kill $122 Billion in Subsidies to Big Oil

Photo credit: EricaJoy via Flickr/CC BY

Who likes oil subsidies? Nobody! Nobody but the oil companies, that is. But as we know, these subsidies, which American taxpayers annually spend billions of dollars on, are extremely difficult to kill. But 35 U…

Tea Party + Coal Companies + Fox News = All-Out PR War on the EPA (Video)

It’s no accident that something as innocuous as the Environmental Protection Agency has become the right’s villain du jour — it was the result of careful coordination, especially between coal compani…Read the full story on TreeHugger

Rick Perry’s Climate Censorship Takes Cues from George W. Bush

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr/CC BY

News broke on Monday that the Texas government was working to censor a scientific report that mentioned the impacts of manmade climate change on Galveston Bay. The impacts it described, which included incr…

U.S. Congress to Turn 90% of its Trash Into Energy

Photo credit: Abeeeer via Flickr/CC BY

The policies that Congressmen and women adhere to in their everyday lives occasionally act as a useful reflection of the political trends pulling at the nation in general. Consider earlier this year, when invig…

62% of Republicans Want Their Leaders to Leave the EPA Alone

Image: Sudika via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA

I’ve used just about all of the blog-powers vested in me to make this point: Americans want the government to protect them from pollution. They just do. Last year, a poll found that 77% of Americans wanted…

GOP Vows To End Nonexistent Farm Dust Regulations

Photo: nosha. Flickr, CC BY-SA

Bold and cunning Republicans in both the House of Reps and the Senate have undertaken a noble new cause: Getting rid of “farm dust regulations” so that poor ol’ farmers can get a break from the dastardly Environmental P…

Regulating Coal Ash Could Create 28,000 Jobs

Image: Lee Cannon via flickr

The EPA has been considering stricter regulations of coal ash, the toxic solid waste from coal power plants that the public was largely unaware of before the

Rick Perry’s Attack Ad: Obama & Romney are ‘Carbon Copies’ (Video)

There’s no love lost between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, the two supposed frontrunners in the GOP presidential primary race. Ever since Perry hurled himself upon the scene and was instantly proclaimed a serious contender by a breathless, conflict-see…

Are We About to Start Geoengineering Up in Here?

Photo: Aske Holst, Flickr/ CC BY

Geoengineering is a frightening prospect. It should be, anyway. Intentionally attempting to engineer the planet’s climate system by seeding cloud cover or scattering reflective particulates or so forth might seem harm…