Are Bike Lanes Worth the Cost?

Seattle residents were shocked when they discovered how much two …

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Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Car in 11 Easy Steps

Although you may dream of buying a hybrid or an electric vehicle, many of us have to drive the cars we already have, at least for the time being. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with driving habits and car maintenance to boost fuel…..

How to Have a Greener Commute

Even if you don’t drive a zero-emission vehicle, you can still practice environmentally friendly driving.

GoGreenRide Offers Hybrid Car Service in New York City

A combination of a paid car service and a taxicab, GoGreenRide offers a fleet of hybrid vehicles that will pick up New Yorkers in all five boroughs.

Infographic: The True Cost of Car Ownership

In the market for a new car? Check out these infographics to see how much you’ll really pay over five years — and get tips on saving money and fuel.

Rule No.1 for Dating a Hot Environmentalist: Don’t Idle

Actress Rachelle Lefevre has graced the big screen in movies including Twilight and showed up in television shows such as CSI and How I Met Your Mother, but this beautiful blue-eyed Canadian still has her share of first-date fiascos. Especially …

Head Games: Could Recycled Newspaper Save Your Noggin?

The Paper Pulp Helmet is made from recycled newspaper and intended for occasional bike riders. Its creators hope to have it on shelves in the U.K. by Spring 2014.

EVs Make Impressive Showing at Frankfurt Auto Show

Electric vehicles were a dominant theme at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, with everyone from Volkswagen to Mercedes rolling out plug-in models.

5 Ways to Ditch the Keys for World Carfree Day

On Sept. 22, people around the world will once again celebrate World Carfree Day. In honor, we offer five ways to get around sans automobile.

Air Pollution Kills 200K a Year, Vehicle Emissions Largely to Blame

Road trips and commuting may be deadlier than you ever imagined — but not because of automobile accidents. A new study released by MIT shows that air pollution is prematurely killing off some 200,000 Americans every year, and the leading source of……