Earth911 Podcast, August 13, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear

Join the Earth911 team to hear about the rapidly changing …

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Enjoy Your Coffee With Less Waste

Can you drink your daily cup of joe more sustainably? …

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Former Barista Tells Starbucks: Brew More Fair Trade Coffee

Image: marcopako via flickr

Sam Greenblatt liked working for Starbucks—he thought the company treated its employees well. But when he learned that Starbucks offers 100-percent fair trade-certified coffee and espresso at its stores in Europe, he …

Cool Lamps Made Of Coffee Cups, Spoons & Filters By Christian DuCharme

Photos: Christian Ducharme via CollabCubed

On display at New York City’s Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market is a lighting design that coffee junkies will no doubt appreciate. Created by Swiss designer Christian DuCharme, this custom-made lamp was made wi…

The Week in Pictures: Living Map of Central Park, a Bike with Metal Tires, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

We’ve featured a lot of vertical gardens on TreeHugger, many of them superb but none quite like this one, grown as a living map of New York’s Central Park.

We also have a bike with innovative metal wheels, avant-garde DIY fall har…

8 TreeHugger-Tested Coffeemakers for Professional Home Brew (Slideshow)

Photo: Phil Monger/Creative Commons

Making your own coffee instead of stopping by the local coffee shop saves energy, water, and paper (just think: no more disposable cups!) — not to mention, at $6 a cup for that Starbucks indulgence, slashes your m…

Folgers Investors Demand a Plan for Adapting Coffee Business to Climate Change

Photo credit: Pen Waggener/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Heather Coleman, Climate Policy Advisor for Oxfam America.

When you think of Smucker’s, jelly and jams typically come to mind, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The J…

First Packaging-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store In US Coming To Austin, Texas

Image: bcmom via flickr

It’s gotten harder and harder over the years to avoid excess packaging when shopping for everyday items, but plans are in the works for a store in Austin (also the home of Whole Foods) that will specialize in local and organic…

10 Fair Trade Coffee Companies Offering an Eco-Conscious Caffeine Jolt (Slideshow)

Photo: mattb4rd/Creative Commons

Can’t get moving in the morning without your daily coffee fix? Switch to a Fair Trade brand and sip easy knowing beans are grown and harvested by workers making a living wage — more often than not by companies focusi…

Declining Coffee Production Is Climate Change’s Canary In the Coal Mine

Photo credit:Nina Matthews Photography/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by GinaMarie Cheeseman, a writer for Care2 Causes.

The oil industry-backed groups keep funding anti-climate change groups, and the Republicans in the U.S. Congress b…