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Sidewalk Cyclists in Cyprus May Face Jail Time

George M. Groutas/CC BY 2.0

Cyclists in Cyprus already have plenty to worry about — a lack of bike lanes, aggressive drivers, haphazardly parked cars, broken glass, dangerously placed storm gra…Read the full story on TreeHugger

Elon Musk: 2012 Model S Sold Out, Tesla Should Turn Profit in 2013

Bloomberg TV/Screen capture

Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk was on Bloomberg TV today, facing some very skeptical business journalists. Are they right that Tesla won’t make it, or are they just looking at the short-term while Elon and Tesla are looking at…

Anti-Bike Journalist Goes For A Ride, Changes His Tune

© Jack Lakey

Earlier this year Jack Lakey of the Toronto Star, AKA “The Fixer”, went on a rant: Are cyclists alienating drivers by being selfish and rude?. He was complaining in particular about how cyclists “chronically break the law” , blow th…

Delorean (Yes, That Delorean) Goes Electric

© Delorean Motor Company

To say that the Delorean Motor Company has had an interesting history is one of the most epic understatements in the history of the American automobile industry. Formed in 1975 by John Delorean, the company only produced …

SolarShip: A Solar-Powered, Helium-Filled Cargo Plane That Floats (Video)

© SolarShip

The goal of zero emissions air travel generates a lot of great but fantastical ideas (huge cloud-shaped blimp, anyone?) — but there’s a company out there that has already flown test flights of a solar-powered helium plane. Toronto-ba…

2013 Honda Fit EV to be Unveiled Next Month

Honda/Promo image

Honda Throws Its Hat Into the EV Ring
The change in direction toward electric vehicles is still under way at Honda. The new CEO is more enthusiastic about them than his predecessor, and the first piece of evidence to support that wil…

Sleek Bamboo Concept Car Is Woven, Not Factory-Made

© Kenneth Cobonpue

With bamboo popping up everywhere in product design, and even in vehicles like bicycles and electric scooters, it was only a matter of time before cars got the same treatment. We’ve seen some not-so-successful bamboo car design…

It’s Mo! Car Sharing and Bike Sharing Combined (Video)

Introducing mo from LUNAR Europe on Vimeo.

What do you get when you cross a Zipcar model of car sharing with a bike sharing system and a public transport pass on steroids? You get Mo. Mo better. Mo convenient. Mo mobility….Read the full story on Tr…

‘Green Phase’ Traffic Signal is Great for Cyclists!

StreetFilms/Video screen capture

No Longer Stuck in the Middle, Waiting for Left Turns
I’ve said it again and again: To increase cycling as a main form of transportation, our roads need to be modified to make it safer and more convenient for people on…

Cycle Chalao! Bike Sharing Comes to India

Cycle Chalao!/CC BY 1.0
Raj Janagam was growing frustrated with the lack of transportation methods in India for commuting short distances. He said 10 million people in Mumbai alone use local trains and public buses for long-distance transport, but ther…