carbon taxes

Gernot Wagner on The Futility of Going Green and the Economics of What Really Matters (Podcast)

If bringing your canvas bags to the grocery store, carpooling, and forgoing double cheeseburgers makes you feel good about yourself, terrific. But don’t expect the planet to notice. What the world needs, says Environmental Defense Fund economist Gerno…

Australian Carbon Tax Passes Lower House of Parliament

photo: Ben Helps/CC BY

One of the world’s major greenhouse gas emitters, both per capita and nationally, and one of the largest exporters of coal, Australia has a rocky road in regards to climate policy. Now, the lower house of parliament has passed …

European Union Court Adviser Backs Plan to Include Airlines In Emissions Trading Scheme

Image: xlibber via flickr

The airline industry is supposed to join the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)—already a requirement for other heavily polluting industries—in January, but the industry has been fighting the requirement.

But t…