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Photosynthesis Is One-Third of the Answer to Mitigating Climate Change

Editor’s note: Earth911 urges you to consider Health In Harmony as …

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The Week in Animals News: Mass Animal Escape, Sweaters for Penguins, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

Residents of Muskingum County in Ohio got quite a shock this week after dozens of exotic animals broke free from an area wildlife farm and took to the streets and highways.

We also have a project dedicated to knitting sweaters for…

Australian Company Will Kill Camels for Cash, Carbon Credits

Photo credit: Harclade via Flickr/CC BY

As you’ve likely heard, Australia is en route to pass legislation ensuring that its largest polluters pay for their carbon emissions. The new law will allow companies to reduce at least part of their emissions …

Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings Are Out

Image via The Daily Beast

Newsweek has been releasing a green ranking of America’s and the world’s biggest companies for a few years now, and the 2011 results are in….Read the full story on TreeHugger

New Carbon Tax Means 1 Million Australians Won’t Have to Pay Income Taxes

Photo credit: Señor Codo via Fotopedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

You might have already heard that after a long and arduous political battle, Australia is on track to institute a fairly potent carbon tax. After the measure passes the upper house (where the polit…

Gernot Wagner on The Futility of Going Green and the Economics of What Really Matters (Podcast)

If bringing your canvas bags to the grocery store, carpooling, and forgoing double cheeseburgers makes you feel good about yourself, terrific. But don’t expect the planet to notice. What the world needs, says Environmental Defense Fund economist Gerno…

The Greenest Way to Travel (Infographic)

image via 1bog infographic screengrab

The folks at 1BOG (short for One Block Off The Grid) have developed this interesting infographic about the greenest mode of transit depending on the type of journey. Click through to check it out. …Read the ful…

European Union Court Adviser Backs Plan to Include Airlines In Emissions Trading Scheme

Image: xlibber via flickr

The airline industry is supposed to join the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)—already a requirement for other heavily polluting industries—in January, but the industry has been fighting the requirement.

But t…

Documents Reveal Shell Paid Nigerian Military to Suppress Protests

Image: Lee Jordan via flickr

Interesting news from The Guardian this week: oil giant Shell worked with the Nigerian military and with mobile police to suppress protests against its oil activities in the 1990s, according to court documents that were h…

World Contraception Day is For Women’s Rights, But It’s For the Environment, Too

Image: Lars Plougmann via flickr

The connection between increased access to family planning and greenhouse gas emissions has been covered here before, but since World Contraception Day was this week and we’re still