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Paris Launches a Vehicle Sharing Program with 3,000 Electric Cars

Photo: House of Hall / CC

When Paris’ now famous bike share system Velib’ in 2007, it was a pioneer in the field. Now similar programs are popping up in major cities all over the world, and Paris is looking to break the mold again. This week the City…

Renting Hybrid Cars Has Gotten Easier: 5 Models to Look Out For

Photo: igloowhite/Creative Commons

A bike or local public transportation may be the greenest way to get around, but sometimes even the biggest cargo bike can’t do everything.

Whether you want to see the countryside, have a ton of luggage, or are t…

P2P Car Sharing Has Just Launched in Spain, an Interview with SocialCar

After car sharing services like ZipCar or BMW’s New Car Share that lets you pick up and drop a car anywhere you want, it is no surprise that Person to Person car sharing is growing too. This works a bit like

How to Use Pocketbook Environmentalism to Convert the "Non-Greenies" in Your Life

photo: Timothy Vollmer/Creative Commons

The following is a guest post from SunRun by Lynn Jurich.

We all have that one person in our lives (or maybe more) who thinks going green is just not their thing. Perhaps it’s your roommate who just can’t seem…

BMW’s New Car Share Lends You a Car Where You Find One, Lets You Leave It Where You Want

Photo: David Martyn Hunt under a Creative Commons license

At TreeHugger, we’ve been big fans of car-sharing services for a long time. ZipCar has long dominated the field, pushing the envelope recently by adding hybrid vehicles and