The Rush-Bagot Treaty that demilitarized the Great Lakes is 200 years old today

It led to a series of other agreements that protected and cleaned up the Great Lakes environment

Waterlily turbine powers your outdoor adventures with wind and water

The small portable turbine can be placed in running water or sit out in the breeze.

Vancouver Aquarium bans water bottles and other disposable plastics

From now on, thirsty visitors can refill their own bottles at water fountains or grab a reusable cup in the cafeteria.

Apparel brands need to be more transparent about where clothes come from

A new report called ‘Follow the Thread’ assesses the willingness of 72 companies to publish important supply chain information.

British study finds commuting by bike can cut heart disease and cancer

Getting on a bike has huge health benefits for everyone

Energy Secretary Rick Perry orders study on electric grid, appoints known renewable-hating skeptic to write it

Why wait sixty days? with Travis Fisher writing it, the result is a foregone conclusion.

Managed forests are a powerful tool for coping with climate change

The world’s forests already have a lot on their plate: Providing flood protection, drinking water purification, lumber, and recreation, plus habitat for about half the world’s mammals, birds and insects.

How to sell the climate movement? Wrap it in the flag

A new video from the Sierra Club pulls on all the patriotic heartstrings.

EPA proceeding with implementation of safer chemicals act

The bipartisan legislation signed into law by Obama in June 2016 is surviving under the new administration, but it needs your help to thrive

On your honor, will you do your best to sustain the environment? Get inspired by the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America not only offers a Sustainability merit badge, the group actually counts it among the required merit badges to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.