Closing in on the chemicals that make us fat or infertile

A special type of chemicals that can do great harm to our health, hormone disruptors have long been under-regulated. As the US EPA eliminates programs, hope for progress turns to the European Union.

Life with a Sense home energy monitor, the first month

Measuring individual appliance’s energy consumption is one thing. But Sense aims to give you a bigger picture.

Expect a meat tax within 5-10 years

An investor network managing $4 trillion in assets has warned investors that they should prepare for the inevitable — a climate-driven “sin” tax on meat.

Budweiser orders 40 Tesla Semi electric trucks

Tesla has received over 240 publicly announced orders, so the real number is likely higher…

The solution to single-use plastics is simple: Ban them

The UN Environment Assembly is putting together a “political declaration on pollution,” but we need action more than words at this point.

London mayor plans water fountains, refill stations to cut plastic bottle use

The UK appears to be getting serious about single-use plastics.

Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante drastically cut by Presidential decree

But this won’t go down without a fight.

Almost all successful cities are clamping down on private cars and promoting bikes

And the drivers don’t like it one bit, but it is the only way to deal with congestion.

City of Freiburg has a brilliant alternative to disposable coffee cups

Customers pay €1 for a reusable cup that can be returned to any participating business in the city center.

Tesla owners are mining bitcoins with free power from charging stations, but most are mined with coal

Bitcoin mining uses so much power that it may well turn into an environmental disaster.