‘Straws’ film reveals how the straw in your drink is hurting the world

More than half a million straws are thrown away daily in the U.S. These get blown and washed into oceans and rivers, where animals mistake them for food.

The low-cost electric car charging station that every employer should have

It’s a common misconception, but EVs don’t need expensive charging stations to get a charge.

Details on the Tesla solar shingle emerge in UL certifications

Power ratings and construction standards appear as Tesla’s solar roof gets the certifications needed for installations to begin

Plastic bag wars are heating up in the U.S.

Local governments are being seduced by a petrochemical industry that’s more lucrative than ever.

McMansion Hell website under attack by Zillow

It was funny, it was educational, and it is, at least for the moment, gone.

Tea-growers enraged by Sainsbury’s withdrawal from Fairtrade

The UK grocery chain has long been a Fairtrade champion, but recently announced it would invent its own ‘fairly traded’ certification scheme.

Which kind of pollution irks Americans the most?

From industrial contamination to civilian litter, a new survey ranks our loathing when it comes to messing up the planet.

Make Father’s Day a Forest Day

Surprise Dad this year with an eco-friendly outing to a well-managed forest near you.

Starbucks cups are not recyclable, which means 4 billion go to landfill each year

Even the best paper mills in the world cannot recycle coffee cups because the plastic lining clogs machinery. Starbucks should stop ignoring this problem.

UK developer plans "subsidy-free" solar projects

As costs keep coming down, reliance on government incentives decreases.