Weekend Project: DIY Patio Table With Built-In Coolers

Take a look at one of the most awesome outdoor accessories we’ve seen.

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5 Ways to Throw a Green Dinner Party

With chilly temperatures driving many of us indoors, winter is …

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Surprisingly Sustainable: Oktoberfest’s Green Side

Some celebrations are almost synonymous with waste. Picture the plastic-bead-strewn …

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This Cider Saved Apples from Rotting Away

As Utah’s only hard cider maker, Mountain West prides itself on using as many local ingredients as possible. And now, they’ve taken that to a whole new level, with a sustainable twist. The Salt Lake City–based cidery has teamed up with nonprofit….

Meet the Beer That Could Reduce Climate Change

Long Root Ale might look like any other can of craft beer, but its contents could have a huge impact on what you eat and drink in the future — as well as the environment. That’s because the new brew from Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland contains….

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Diverts 99.8 Percent of Waste

This California brewery has diverted more than 51,000 tons of waste from local landfills and recently earned a platinum seal of approval from the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council.

8 Tips for Greening Your Super Bowl Party

Hosting a green Super Bowl party is easy if you follow our eight simple tips.

10 Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles and Corks

Wondering what to do with your empty wine bottles and leftover corks? Get crafty with these 10 ideas.

Lighten Your Footprint with Shoes Made from Recycled Cork

ReCORK and footwear manufacturer SOLE have partnered to create the world’s first line of carbon-negative shoes made from recycled corks.

Turning Empty Bottles into Artistic Cheese Trays and More

Tim Gottschalk of Bottle Crafters makes functional pieces — like cheese trays, drinking glasses, lamps and vases — from glass bottles.