Enhance Your Garden With Bee-utiful Bee Houses

Plenty of backyards are doubling as an enticing bed-and-breakfast. For …

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Another Food Industry Brand Rallies to Save Bees

Image credit: Honeydrop

Business giving, and even campaigning, is nothing new. But it has been heartening to see how many food industry brands have rallied around the plight of the honeybees to develop serious, substantial responses—from Haagen…

Architects to Redesign Beehive for Urban Bees

Image credit: The Architecture Foundation/Midtown Buzz

From Omlet’s trendy Beehaus urban hive, to more traditional alternatives like top-bar and Warré hives, every now and then we see alternatives to the conventional beehives used by most profession…

Teaching Beekeeping to Children Improves Behavior

Image credit: Sami Grover

When I wrote about beekeeping with children for our sister site Parentables, I noted that bees can be a fantastic tool for encouraging emotional literacy. For the same reason that beekeeping is great for those with felony co…

Woven Straw & Wood Create A "Thrive Hive" For Bees

Photos: Tom Back, Thumb Designs

More and more bee enthusiasts are taking on small-scale, natural beekeeping, whether it’s in dense urban areas like New York City, Tokyo and Hong Kong, or in more open spaces like

Backwards Beekeepers, Black Sabbath, and How to Capture a Swarm (Video)

Image credit: Backwards Beekeepers

Whether it’s a “tough love” beekeepers’ focus on survivor genes, or a renewed interest in top-bar hives, Warré hives and other beekeeping alternatives, there are plenty of folks out there who believe that the indus…

Ryan Frank is Back with Bee Friendly Furniture for the National Theatre

All images via Ryan Frank.

Ryan Frank may have moved his design studio to the sunnier climes of Barcelona, but he is still getting great commissions back in London, where he’s made a name for his funky ways with reclaimed materials. The latest projec…

O’Hare Airport Welcomes Beekeepers with Felony Convictions (Video)

Image credit: GCameraProductions

German airports have already embraced beekeeping, using honey bees to monitor air quality in and around airports. Now Chicago’s O’Hare airport is getting into the beekeeping business too, although the motivation here …

Give Your Phone a "Bee Beard", Help Save Bees (Video)

Image credit: Magners Bee Beard

I grew up in the West of England. I like hard cider. And as a failed beekeeper, I owe a deabt of gratitude (or guilt?) to our furry pollinating friends. So I was delighted to hear that one purveyor of hard cider is ste…

Beekeeping Replaces Opium Farming in Afghanistan (Video)

Image credit: British Forces News

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone wear a flak jacket into a bee yard before.

We’ve already heard about how Beekeeping Without Borders has taken honey bee education to Iraq and beyond. Afghanistan is also benefiting…